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The Harry Potter site of the Evil Lord Tom "Voldemort" Riddle
Severus Snape


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"Wish McGonagal favored us,"-Harry Potter, Philosopher's Stone


Actor: Alan Rickman
House: Former Slytherin
Family: All Unknown
Friends: Argus Filch
Girlfriends: Lily Evans (Before James Potter married her)
Snape was born circa 1956 and attended Hogwarts in 1967-1974. In 1982,  became the Potions Teacher at the school. He served out years of service, which was disrupted when Harry Potter, the famous son of his childhood rival, James, came to the school. Due to his heritage, Snape was exceptionally stern to him at school. In 1996, at the sign of the rising of Lord Voldemort, he was inducted into the order of the pheonix, and is now spying on Voldemort.

Fun Facts
  • Taught Harry the Art of Occlumency
  • He desperately longs for the Defense Against the Dark Arts position