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Spells, Charms, Hexes, and Curses


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Name is in Orange= Hex
Name is in Violet= Charm
Name is in Red= Spell
Name is in Green= Curse
Writing is in Blue= The information is only in either the movies,  Fantastic Beasts and where to find them, or Quidditch Through the Ages

Accio The Summoning Charm
Incantation: Accio _________
First Known User: Hermione
When used correctly, this spell will guide an object to the user.
Instances Used:
  • Hermione learned this spell while reading ahead in the Standard book of Spells Grade 4 (GF10)
  • Harry used this in the first task to get his Firebolt (GF20)
  • Ron suggested using this charm to summon an aqua lung for the second task (GF26) 
  • Used numerous times (OTP)

Age Line
Incantation: ?
First Known User: Albus Dumbledore
The Age Line is a thin golden line that is drawn on the ground, it will not allow anyone older or younger than a certain age to cross it.
Instances Used:
  • Dumbledore drew this line around the Goblet of Fire (GF12)

Incantation: Alohamora
First Known User: Hermione
This useful little spell opens most locked doors, however doors can be bewitched to resist it.
Instances Used:
  • Hermione uses this spell to open the door to the chamber in which the Philosopher's Stone (PS9&16)
  • Hermione tried this on one of the doors in the Department of Mysteries (OTP34)
  • This Spell is found in the Standard Book of Spells, Chapter 7 (PSM)

Incantation: ?
First Known User: Minerva McGonnagoll
This Spell is used to stop someone from cheating.
Instances Used:
  • This spell was put on the exam quills (PS16)
  • This was also cast on the practical exams for Harry's O.W.L.s (OTP31)

Incantation: Aperecium
First Known User: Hermione
This spell supposedly makes invisible ink appear, however we never see it used properly.
Instances Used:
  • Hermione tries this spell on Tom Riddle's (My) diary (CS13)

Incantation: ?
This spell conjures magical arrows.
Instances Used:
  • Fans of the famous Quidditch team, The Appleby Arrows, used this to show support for them, until 1894 when this was outlawed. (QA) 

Avada Kedavra
Incantation: Avada Kedavra
First Known User: Me, Tom "Voldemort" Riddle!
This curse delivers unmarked death in a flash of green light.
Instances Used:
  • Voldemort (I) used this to kill every one of his victims. (PS-GF)
  • Lucius Malfoy tries to kill Harry With this, before Dobby stops him. (CSM)

Incantation: Avis
First Known User: Mr. Ollivander
This conjures a small flock of birds.
Instances Used:
  • Mr. Ollivander tests Viktor Krum's wand with this spell (GF18)

Babbling Curse
Incantation: ?
First Known User: ?
Exact effect unknown, but probably causes the victim to babble.
Instances Used:
  • Lockhart claims to have cured a Transylvanian Villager of this ailment (CS10)

Banishing Charm
Incantation: ? (But since its the reverse of the summoning charm, maybe its incantation is Oicca, being the incantation for the summoning charm backwards).
First Known User: ?
This charm expells an item from the caster's hands.
Instances Used:
  • Flitwick's charm class learned this charm (GF26)

Bat Bogey Curse
Incantation: ?
First Known User: Ginny
The target accumulates a cloud of bats around their heads.
Instances Used:
  • Ginny hit Malfoy with this curse (OTP33)

Bewitched Sleep
Incantation: ?
First Known User: Albus Dumbledore
Causes a person to go into suspended animation  for several hours.
Instances Used:
  • Dumbledore placed this spell on Cho, Ron, Hermione, and Gabrielle Delacour for the second task

Blasting Curse
Incantation: ?
First Known User: Alberta Toothill
Useful dueling curse.
Instances Used:
  • Alberta Toothill used this in the 1420 All-England Wizarding Dueling Competition to defeat the favorite, Samson Wilson

Bluebell Flames
Incantation: Tracarnum Enflamare
First Known User: Hermione Granger
The caster shoots light blue (or orange) flames from their wand
Instances Used:
  • Hermione uses this to set Snape's robes on fire (PS11)
  • And Again against the Devil's Snare (PS16) 

Braking Charm
Incantation: ?
This charm is placed on broomsticks to allow them  to stop without slowing down first.
Instances Used:
  • The Firebolt is full equipped with an 'autobrake' (PA13)
  • The Horton-Keitch braking charm is a patented braking charm named for the founders of the company that make the Comet racing-broom (QA)

Bubble Charm
Incantation: None
First Known User: Professor Flitwick
The user issues unbrakable bubbles from their wand.
Instances Used:
  • Flitwick used this charm to make Christmas Tree ornaments (SS12)
  • Ron's wand emitts purple bubbles at one point (CS13)

Bubble Head Charm
Incantation: ?
First Known User: Cedric Diggory
Incases the users head with a bubble containing breathable air.
Instances Used:
  • Cedric and Fleur both used this charm in the second task (GF26)
  • After Fred & George left, so many people used Stink Pellets, students commonly used Bubble-Head Charms because of the smell (OTP30)

Canary Hex
Incantation: ?
First Known User: Fred and George Weasley
Makes whoever is hit with this or conssumes an object with this hex on it will turn into a giant canary who molts back into their original form after about 30 seconds.
Instances Used:
  • The Weasley twins placed these on custard creme candies and called them Canary Cremes (GF21)

Cheering Charm
Incantation: ?
Makes the person this spell is cast on happy.
Instances Used:
  • This was on the third year schedule and the final exams (PA15)

Incantation: Confundo
First Known User: Bartimius Crouch, Jr.
Causes Confusion
Instances Used:
  • Snape suggested Harry and Hermione attacking him was caused by Black confounding them

Incantation: ?
First Known User: Viktor Krum
Dissrupts vision
Instances Used:
  • Krum used this on his dragon in the first Task (GF20)

Cross-Species Transfiguration
Incantation: Verevarto, among others
First Known User: Minerva McGonnagall
Transfiguration involving animals
Instances Used:
  • McGonnagall was teaching the second years how to turn a Hornbill into a goblet (CSM)
  • There are various mentions of this magic throughout the series

Cruciatus Curse
Incantation: Crucio
First Known User: The Death Eaters
Causes the target to be in a state of extreme pain which, with enough power, can cause them to go insane.
Instances Used:
  • Voldemort and the Death Eaters used it on many of their victims
  • Professor Umbridge threatened Harry with this curse after he wouldn't tell her who he was communicating with through the fire in her office (OTP32)
  • Harry tried this on Bellatrix Lestrange after she killed his godfather, Sirius Black, but she told him the unforgivable curses require a little more force (OTP36)

The Curse of the Bogies
Incatation: ?
See Bat Bogey Curse
Instances Used:
  • Ron threatened to learn, then use this curse on Hermione and Neville if they turned them in while out of bed (SS9)

Dark Mark
Incantation: Morsmordre
First Known User: Bartimius Crouch, Jr.
The user conjures a giant skull with a serpent protruding from its mouth, made of green sparks.
Instances Used:
  • Barty Crouch, Jr. conjured The Mark during the world cup (GF9)

Deleting Spell
Incantation: Deletrius
First Known User: Amos Diggory
Erases effects of other spells.
Instances Used:
  • Amos Diggory used this to erase the ghost of The Dark Mark (GF9)

Incantation: Densaurgeo
First Known User: Draco Malfoy
Causes the target's front teeth to grow extremely long.
Instances Used:
  • During a deul in the corridor between Harry and Malfoy, Draco shot this at Harry, but it hit Hermione instead (GF18)

Incantation: Diffindo
First Known User: Harry Potter
Causes an object to split open.
Instances Used:
  • Harry uses this to split open Cedric Diggory's bag (GF18)
  • Harry uses this to sever the tentacles of a brain that was attacking Ron (OTP34)

Disarming Spell
Incantation: Expelliarmus
First Known User: Severus Snape
Causes the object the target is holding to shoot away from them or simply sends them flying across the room.
Instances Used:
  • Snape demonstrates this at the dueling club (CS10) and others use it all throughout the series
  • This was taught during a D.A. meeting (OTP)

Disillusionment Charm
Incantation: None
Makes an object unseeable to the muggle eye.
Instances Used:
  • Hippogriffs and Winged Horses can be owned by wizards as long as they have these charms placed on them (FB)
  • This charm can also be used to make an object look like something else to a muggle, for instance, to muggles, Hogwarts is a smoldering ruin with a sign on the door saying "Do not enter, unsafe"
  • Harry had this charm placed on him so that no one would see him on the way to The Order's headquarters (OTP4)

Drought Charm
Incantation: ?
Dries up water.
Instances Used:
  • Harry thought about using this for the second task, before realizing the lake was way to big (GF26)

Engorgement Charm
Incantation: Engorgio
First Known User: Fred & George Weasley
Causes the target to grow in size.
Instances Used:
  • Fred and George used this to make anyone that ate a Ton-Tongue Toffee would make there tongue grow very long (GF4)
  • Kevin, the little boy at the world cup was casting this spell on a slug on the ground (GF7)
  • Moody used this on a spider before using Avada Kadavra on it (GF14)
  • Ron thought Hagrid's large size was caused by this charm (GF24) 

Incantation: Ennervate
First Known User: Amos Diggory
Revives somone whose been stunned
Instances Used:
  • Amos Diggory used this on Winky (GF9)
  • Dumbledore used this on Krumm (GF28) and Barty Crouch, Jr. (GF35)

Entrancing Enchantments
Incantation: ?
First Known User: Flitwick
Causes the target to fall in love with the user
Instances Used:
  • Lockhart embarassed Flitwick by telling the school that he was talented with these charms (CS13)

Incantation: None Used
First Known User: Charlie Weasley
Puts out fires
Instances Used:
  • The Dragon Keepers have to use these in preperation for The First Task (GF14)

Incantation: ?
First Known User: None
Makes an object light as air.
Instances Used:
  • Harry thought of using this on his trunk for his escape from Privet Drive (PA3)

Incantation: Ferula
First Known User: Remus Lupin
Conjures a wooden rod
Instances Used:
  • Lupin uses this to create a splint for Ron's Leg (PA19)

Incantation: Fidelius
First Known Users: James and Lily Potter
Hides a secret in one person, The Secret Keeper, and cannot be discovered unless The Secret Keeper exposes it
Instances Used:
  • Harry's parents use this to hide their location from Voldemort (me), however Wormtail was Secret Keeper and told Voldemort (me)

Finite Incantatum
Incantation: Finite Incantatum
First Known User: Hermione, Severus Snape
Stops all spells around the user
Instances Used:
  • Hermione used this on the Rogue Bludger, which exploded because of the high speeds it had to go through (CSM)
  • Snape used this to stop the chaos at the dueling club (CS10)
  • This was used many times against Voldemort and his Death Eaters (OTP34-36)

Flame Freezer
First Known User: Wendelyn the Weird
Makes flames warm instead of hot
Instances Used:
  • Midieval wizards used this charm to survive being burned at the steak

Full Body Bind
Incantation: Petrificus Totalus
First Known User: Hermione
Advanced version of the Leg Locker Curse, which works on the whole body
Instances Used:
  • Hermione regretfully used this on Neville when he tried to stop Harry, Ron, and Hermione from sneaking out of the Gryffindor Common Room (PS16)
  • Harry used this against Dolohov (OTP35)

Incantation: Furnunculus
First Known User: Harry Potter
Causes boils to errupt on the target's face.
Instances Used:
  • Harry attacked Malfoy with this, but it missed and hit Goyle (GF18)

Hex Deflection
Incantation: ?
First Known Users: 4th year DDA class of 1996-1997
Protects the user from Hexes
Instances Used:
  • Barty Crouch, jr. taught Harry's Defense Against the Dark Arts (GF28)

Incantation: Homorphus
First Known User: Banisher of the Waga Waga Werewolf
Causes a Werewolf to revert to human form, and presumably will cause them not to transform again
Instances Used:
  • Lockhart claimed to have used this on the Waga Waga Werewolf, of course, we all know he didn't do it (CS10)

Horn Tongue
Incantation: ?
First Known User: Unknown
Causes the target to grow a horn on their tongue, no one seems to know what good this does
Instances Used:
  • Harry wisely decided not to use this on the Hungarian Horntail in The First Task (GF20)

Hover Charm
Incantation: None used
First Known User: Dobby
Makes an object float in midair, it doesn't require a wand
Instances used:
  • Dobby levatated a dessert with this (CS2)

Hurling Hex
Incantation: ?
First known user: Unknown
Hex to place on broomsticks to make them through off its rider
Instances used:
  • Flitwick checked TheFirebolt for this hex

Impediment Curse
Incantation: Impedamenta
First known user: Harry
Slows down an object
Instances used:
  • Harry used this in The Third Task. Ron knows it too (GF29, 31)
  • Yet another bit of magic used a whole lot (OTP)

Incantation: Impervius
First Know User: Hermione
Makes an object waterproof
Instances Used:
  • Hermione placed this on Harry's glasses during a rainy Quidditch game (PA9)
  • The whole Gryffindor Quidditch team practiced this for there game against Slytherin (OTP18)

Incantation: Imperio
First Known User: Lord Voldemort (ME!)
The victim will do what ever the caster says
Instances Used:
  • Voldemort (Myself) and his (My) supporters use this numerous times during the series

Incantation: Incendio
First Known User: Rubeus Hagrid
Lights a fire
Instances Used:
  • Hagrid lights a fire in the hut on the rock (PS4)
  • Mr. Weasley lit a fire at the Dursley's house (GF4)

Instant Scalping
Incantation: ?
First Known User: ?
Removes hair
Instances Used:
  • Harry Found this charm in Basic Hexes for The Busy and Vexed

Jelly-Legs Jinx
Incantation: ?
First Known User: Fred and George
Causes target's legs to wobble
Instances Used:
  • Fred and Georges signature spell, which they use on Malfoy and his cronies (GF37)

Knee Reversing
Incantation: ?
First Known User: Gertie Keddle
Causes targets knees to reverse
Instances Used:
  • Gertie Keddle used this on a man who entered her yard just to retrieve a Quidditch ball (QA)


Incantation: ?
First Known User: A Gryffindor 4th year and a Slytherin 6th year
Instances Used:
  • A Gryffindor 4th year and a Slytherin 6th year used this on each on each other in the week before the 1994 Quidditch Final

Leg Locker Curse
Incantation: Locomotor Mortis
First Known User: Draco Malfoy
Locks the target's legs together
Instances Used:
  • Malfoy used this on Neville, forcing him to hop back up to his common room (PS13)

Incantation: Windgardium Leviosa
First Known User: Hermione
Levitates an object
Instances Used:
  • Flitwick taught Harry's first year class this charm (PS10)
  • Ron levitated a Mountain Troll's club with this Charm (PS10)
  • Bellatrix levitated a brain with this Charm (OTP36)

Light Spell
Incantation: None
First Known User: Reamus Lupin
Conjures a hand full of light
Instances Used:
  • Lupin used this to ward off Dementors (PA5)

Incantation: Lumos
First Known User: Harry
Makes the user's wand act as a flashlight
Instances Used:
  • This spell is used far too numerously to list

Lumos Solarum
Incantation: Lumos Solarum
First Known User: Hermione
An upgraded version of Lumos that shoots a beam of bright light out of the user's wand
Instances Used:
  • Hermione uses this on the Devils Snare (PSM)

Memory Charm
Incantation: Obliviate
First Known Users: Obliviators
Erases or modifies part of a person's memory, too much power can erase the whole thing
Instances Used:
  • Used too often to list

Incantation: None
First Known User: Albus Dumbledore
Sends a magical silver bird to someone to send them a message
Instances Used:
  • Dumbledore used this to summon Hagrid (GF28)

Incantation: Nox
First Known User: ?
Cancels the effects of Lumos
Instances Used:
  • None

Incantation: Orchideous
First Known User: Mr. Ollivander
A bouquet of flowers blossoms from the user's wand
Instances Used:
  • Mr. Ollivander uses this with Fleur's wand during The Weighing of the Wands (GF18)

Incantation: Expecto Patronum
First Known User: ?
Conjures a silvery entity in the form of an animal that will chase down evil creatures
Instances Used:
  • Lupin taught this to Harry and he puts it to good use against Dementors attacking his past self (PA12) and against a bogart (GF31)
  • Harry used this against Dementors attacking him and Dudley (OTP1)
  • Harry started teaching this to Dumbledore's Army (OTP27)
  • This is the only this that can kill a Lethifold (FB)

Pepper Breath
Incantation: ?
First Known User: ?
Gives the target very hot and firey breath
Instances Used:
  • Harry found this in a book while trying to figure out how to beat the dragon, but decieded against it, since it would probably increase its firepower (GF20)

Peskipiksi Pesternomi
Incantation: Peskipiksi Pesternomi
First Known User: Gilderoy Lockhart
Causes the users wand to be snatched and thrown out the window by pixies, or that might have just been a coincedence...
Instances Used:
  • Lockhart made this up on the spot, hoping it would stop the chaotic fairies in his classroom (CS6)

Prior Incantato
Incantation: Prior Incantato
First Known User: Amos Diggory
Makes a wand regurgetate a ghost of the last spell it performed
Instances Used:
  • Amos used this to discover that Harry's wand conjured The Dark Mark (GF9)

Protecting Charm
Incantation: Protego
First Known User: Hermione
Blocks a spell or curse, provided it's not too strong
Instances Used:
  • Used to block attacks from the Death Eaters (OTP34-36)

Incantation: Quietus
First Known User: Ludo Bagman
Cancels the effects of Lumos
Instances Used:
  • Bagman obviously had to use this after the world cup (GF8)

Incantation: Reducio
First Known User: Barty Crouch, jr.
Reverses Engorgio
Instances Used:
  • Crouch, jr. used this on a spider he used Engorgio on (GF14)

Reducter Curse
Incantation: Reducto
First Known User: Harry
Blasts solid objects out of the way
Instances Used:
  • In The Third Task, Harry used this to blast a hole in the hedge (GF31)

Incantation: Relashio
First Known User: Harry
Wand shoots a jet of sparks, underwater shoots a jet of boiling water
Instances Used:
  • Harry used this on Grindylows in The Second Task (GF26)

Incantation: Reparo
First Known User: Hermione, Mr. Weasley
Repairs an object
Instances Used:
  • Hermione repaired Harry's glasses with this spell (PSM)
  • Mr. Weasley repaired Harrys glasses with this (CS4)
  • Bill uses this to repair a table leg (GF5)
  • Percy uses it to repair HIS glasses (GF8)
  • Hermione magically repairs the glass door on the train (GF11)

Restoring Spell
Incantation: None
First Known User: Reamus Lupin
Returns an animagus to it's original form
Instances Used:
  • Lupin used this to turn Scabbers back into Peter Pettigrew (PA19)

Reverse Gravity
Incantation: ?
First Known User: ?
Conjures a mist that causes anyone to walk through it to have a reverse of up and down
Instances Used:
  • Harry encountered this in The Third Task (GF31)

Incantation: Riddikulus
First Known User: Neville Longbottom
Forces a Boggart into a comical form
Instances Used:
  • Lupin taught Harry's DDA class this spell (PA7)
  • Harry used this in The Third Task (GF31)

Scouring Charm
Incantation: Scourify
First Known User: Hermione
Cleans things
Instances Used:
  • Hermione taught Neville this charm to clean frog guts from under his fingernails (GF14)
  • This is the only way to get rid of a Bundimun infection (FB)
  • Hermione clean up stink sap with this charm (OTP10)

Incantation: Serpensortia
First Known User: Draco Malfoy
A snake comes out of the user's wand
Instances Used:
  • Draco cast this spell at the deuling club under Snape's advice (CS10)

Severing Charm
Incantation: ?
First Known User: Ron
Cuts stuff
Instances Used:
  • Ron used this to cut the frills on his dress robes (GF23)

Silencing Charm
Incantation: Silencio
First Known User: Hermione
Makes a creature silent
Instances Used:
  • Since a Fwooper's song will drive the listener insane, it must be sold with a Silencing Charm on it (FB)
  • Harry, Hermione, and Ron were taught this spell (OTP18) and Hermione used it on a Death Eater (OTP34)

Incantation: Sonorus
First Known User: Ludo Bagman
Makes the users voice very loud
Instances Used:
  • Ludo Bagman used this while commentating on the Quidditch World Cup Final (GF8)

Stunning Spell
Incantation: Stupefy
First Known User: Flavius Belby
Knocks the target unconscience
Instances Used:
  • Flavius Belby discovered this spell doesn't work on Lethifolds (FB)
  • A group of Dragon Keepers must all use this at once to knock out a Dragon
  • The Minestry of Magic used this to find the one who summoned the Dark Mark (GF9)
  • Used Frequently by Harry, Ron, and Hermione (OTP33-36)

Talon Clipping Charm
Incantation: ?
First Known User: ?
Dragon-care charm for clipping their claws
Instances Used:
  • Harry found this in a library book (GF20)

Incantation: Tarantallegra
First Known User: Draco Malfoy
Makes the target lose control of their legs
Instances Used:
  • Draco cast this on Harry at The Deuling Club (CS10)

Tickling Charm
Incantation: Riktusempra
First Known User: Harry
Makes the target laugh uncontrollably
Instances Used:
  • Harry Hit Malfoy with this at The Deuling Club (CS10)

Twitchy Ears Hex
Incantation: ?
First Known User: Barty Crouch, jr.
Makes target's ears twitch
Instances Used:
  • In DDA's Hex Deflection, Harry Failed to block this Hex (GF28)

Incantation: Wasi
First Known User: Reamus Lupin
Makes an object go where ever the caster wants, provided the Latin word for what the caster wants to move is tacked in front
Instances Used:
  • Lupin used this to send a wad of gum up Peeves' nose (PA7)