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Colonel Tycho Celchu
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"Dantooine is much too remote to make an effective demonstration",-Moff Tarkin


Actor: none
Species: Human
Sex: Male
Occupation: Retired Military officer
Approximate Height: 5ft. 6in.
Homeworld: Alderaan
Tycho was born on the same planet that Leia Organa called home, and was enrolled in the same academy that Luke Skywalker wanted to go to.  On his twenty-first birthday he called home to his family on Alderaan, oly to watch in horror as it was destroyed as a demonstration of The Emperor's superweapon, The Death Star.  Among the many who died was his would-be fiancée, Nyiestra.  After the smoke cleared, he resigned from The Empire and became a Captain (which was much higher than his previous rank of Lieutenant) in Rouge Squadron.  He fought at the battle of Hoth and flew an A-wing into Death Star II and put another notch in his belt against the Ssi-ruuk at Bakura.  He later found love on a reconaissance mission to the Empire, she was a red-hot lady from Alderaan named Winter.  On the same type of mission that he met the love of his life he was held hostage in the Lusankya prison by Ysanne Isgard and managed to escape.  Few people trusted him in the New Republic, they thought the jailers had brianwashed him and turned him into a sleeper agent.  Wedge Antilles however stood by him and promoted him to a Rouge Squadron executive.  When Corran Horn disapeared Celchu was blamed as a murderer.  After Corran got out of the same prison where Celchu was held, the unpopular officer resived an official pardon.  After the  Bacta War he became Rouge Leader and brought many more victories for the New Republic.  After the reborn Emperor's campian he receiived his last promotion to the rank of Colonel.  He then led the Rouges against the space pirate Leonia Tavira and went with Wedge to Adumar.  After the Almania crisis he married Winter and retired two years later after almost 20 years of field service.

Appears in: The Bacta War, Dark Tide I: Onslaught, I Jedi, The Krytos Trap, Rogue Squadron, Starfighters of Adumar, Star Wars Union, Wedge's Gamble, X-Wing