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Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader
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"Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny,"-Yoda



Actor: Jake Lloyd (Anakin: Phantom Menace), Hayden Christenson (Anakin: Attack of the Clones, Revenge of the Sith), David Prowse (Vader: Body), James Earl Jones (Vader: Voice), Sebastian Shaw (Anakin: Return of the Jedi)
Species: Human
Sex: Male
Weapon of Choice: Lightsaber (Red Blade, formerly Blue Blade)
Occupation: Dark Lord of the Sith, former Republic Lieutenant, former Jedi, former Slave
Approximate Height: 6 ft. 0 in. (As Anakin), 6 ft. 7 in. (As Vader)
Homeworld: Tatooine
Anakin was born to Shmi Skywalker, a slave on the planet Tatooine. His father is unknown, although he may have been fathered by the Force itself. He and his mother were purchased by Gardulla the Hutt on Tattooine when he was three. However when Gardulla lost a bet on the Mos Espa Podraces, the two were given to Watto, a local Toydarian jank dealer. Watto, while a more kind than Gardulla, was still a hard master. However, he took a liking to Anakin after discovering his skill with repairing. Anakin embarked on several projects behind Watto's back, sneaking some parts that Watto wouldn't miss back to his hut. This, coupled with a skill for negotiating with local Jawa traders, gave him enough parts to build his own protocal droid, C-3PO. On one occasion, he was ordered to test drive a podracer that Watto had obtained. Anakin proved more than capable of handling the racer. As a result, Watto allowed Anakin to pilot the racer in the Mos Espa races. At the same time, Anakin was working on a racer of his own behind his hut. Anakin, while good at podracing, never finished a race, mainly due to the arrogant local champion, a mean spirited Dug named Sebulba, who was famous for using dirty tricks to win races. The young slave, now age 9, had his life changed forever when he met a small group of Naboo refugees; an astromech droid named R2-D2, a Gungan outcast named Jar-Jar Binks, a royal handmaiden named Padmé Naberrie, and Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn. He took an immediate liking to Padmé and Qui-Gon and brought the group back to his quarters when a sandstorm kicked up. The group was stranded until they could get the necessary parts, parts which only Watto had. To their disadvantage, Watto wouldn't except Republic Credits. Anakin offered Qui-Gon his services as a pilot, suggesting he make a bet with Watto, allowing him to get the parts he needed. Anakin came through and Qui-Gon told him that he had made another bet with Watto that had freed him. When they reached Coruscant, Qui-Gon brought Anakin before the Jedi Council to recommend him for training. They needed time to deliberate and for the duration, Anakin was sent with the refugees back to Naboo to face the Trade Federation, who had taken over their world. They tried to gain the trust of the native Gungans, which led to the revelation of Padmé's true identity, Queen Amidala of Naboo. During the Battle of Naboo, Anakin snuck into a Naboo starfighter and destroyed the Trade Federation Battle Droid Control Ship, winning the battle. However, Qui-Gon was killed in the battle and he was apprenticed to Qui-Gon's former apprentice, Obi-Wan Kenobi. Among the other apprentices, he was known as a reckless maverick with few friends, often escaping from the conservative world of the Jedi to raid junkpiles in the Cocoa Streets. During his thirteenth year, he was sent to the frozen caves of Ilum to assemble his first lightsaber. During his time in the Force strong grotto, he witnessed haunting visions of his mother's death. He didn't let his fear rule him, however, and built a lightsaber with a brilliant blue blade. As Anakin grew older, he continued to be haunted by dreams of his mother's suffering. Prior to the Clone Wars, Anakin and Obi-Wan were sent on their first major mission, a border dispute on the planet Ansion. With the help of Luminara Unduli and Barriss Offee, they worked out a contract that pleased both the city-dwellers and the nomadic wanderers. Almost immediately after returning to Coruscant, they received an assignment that would change Anakin's life. Padmé, who had since become a senator, had almost been killed while on the way to the senate to vote on the Military Creation Act: a plan to create a Republic army to fight the Separatists led by the former Jedi, Count Dooku, an attempt had been made on her life. Anakin was to gaurd her while Obi-Wan tracked down her assassin. They stayed on her homeplanet of Naboo, where they grew dangerously close. The Jedi code stated attachment was dangerous. Anakin could not help it, he alway had trouble with controlling his emotions. After he had a particularly dark dream about his mother's death, he insisted they go to Tatooine to discover what became of her. Shmi's life had changed greatly, Watto sold her to a moisture farmer named Cliegg Lars, who eventually freed and married her. She had gone out to pick the mushrooms that grew on the moisture vaporators and had been captured by Tusken Raiders. Anakin saw her for just one final moment before she died. His rage mounted and he slaughtered the entire tribe. After bringing his mother's body back to the homestead, they held a private funeral. Shortly afterwards, he recieved word that Obi-Wan had found the Separatist's headquarters on Geonosis and was captured. Padmé insisted that they go to rescue Obi-Wan, but they were also captured and sentenced to death in a Geonosian battle arena. Anakin, Padmé, and Kenobi were pitted up against three terrible creatures. However, a Jedi taskforce of 200 were sent to resue them along with an army of Clone Troopers. They freed the trio and Anakin and Kenobi went to face Count Dooku, now revealed as a practicioner of the dark side of the Force. Anakin's arroganace made him believe he could take Dooku alone, which caused him to be knocked out early on. Obi-Wan held him off for a while, but he to was taken out. Anakin made a second attempt, but had his forearm cut off. Luckily, Jedi Master Yoda arrived and they engaged in a ferocious lightsaber duel. Count Dooku escaped, however and Anakin and Obi-Wan were taken to get medical attention, Anakin being fitted with a mechanical hand. After they had healed, Anakin and Pamdmé were married. During the Clone Wars, Anakin became a living legend in the Jedi Star Fighter Squadron, flying in many crucial battles. However, his pride continued to swell and he found himself less capable of adhering to the strict tenants of the Jedi Order. Anakin was put in charge on a battalion of Clone Trooper pilots during the Battle of Muunilinst. They were near victory, when Anakin was tempted away by a sleek rogue fighter that broke enemy ranks. He followed it to Yavin 4, where he and the pilot, a Dark Lady of the Sith named Asaji Ventress, engaged in a ferocious lightsaber duel which left Anakin victorious, but dangerously close to the dark side. Throughout the Wars, Anakin carried out many missions along side Obi-Wan, who had been made a general. However, when Obi-Wan was thought to be killed during the military campaign on Jabiim, he took charge of a group of other Padawans who'd lost their masters. A priority message from Supreme Chancellor Palpatine instructed him to oversee the evacuation personally. After the evacuation, he was sent to New Holstice, where he was teamed up with the Tusken Raider turned Jedi Knight, A'Sharad Hett. Because of his mother's death, he held a predjudice against the Tusken Raiders. Instead of confessing his distrust to A'Sharad, Anakin took his anger out on Yuzzem Confederacy troops that came to the planet, slaughtering them like he had his mother's murderers. After he got his emotions under control, he told Hett about what happened to his mother. To make Skywalker see him as a Jedi instead of a Tusken Raider, Hett removed his Tusken mask, revealing his human features. During the last year of the Clone Wars, Skywalker and Kenobi were stationed on a planet on the Outer Rim when Coruscant was attacked by Separatist General Grievous, Chancellor Palpatine being captured. Anakin and Obi-Wan responded quickly, rescuing him. To prevent future attempts on his life, Supreme Chancellor Cos Palpatine appointed Anakin his personal bodyguard. When the Jedi Council discovered Palpatine was the Sith Lord Darth Sidious, Jedi Master Mace Windu went to confront him, only to be killed by Anakin. Anakin was fully inducted into the Sith, becoming Darth Vader. He was then sent to the lava planet Mustafar to dispose of his former master to prove his loyalty. During the duel, Anakin fell into a pool of lava. Emperor Palpatine's ship came to pick him up. On board he was given cybernetic implants and a suit of armor that would keep him alive. He lead the Jedi scourge, destroying most of the Jedi left in the galaxy. He had an army of Force sensitive beings such as the Noghri, only leaving the Emperor's side on missions and for the occasional private retreat to Bast Castle on Vjun. On the planet Falleen, a bio-agent infected millions, causing Vader to blast infected areas with massive turbolasers, making a personal enemy of the Falleen-based Black Sun criminal organization. He also met Boba Fett, a notorious Mandalorian bounty hunter, but after a stalemate on Maryx Minor, Vader made a truce with the bounty hunter, surprised someone not gifted with the Force could come so close to beating him. Shortly before the Battle of Yavin he also murdered the Dark Woman, a Jedi that had known him back when he was a padawan, severing some of his last ties to the Jedi. When the Emperor built a giant battle station, the Death Star, which was powerful enough to destroy a planet, the plans were stolen by Rebel spies. He captured the Tantive IV, the ship belonging to Princess Leia Organa, a famous Rebel leader, which had the plans in it's databanks. Leia transferred the plans into the databanks of her personal R2 unit shortly before being captured. He questioned and tortured all of the crew, but could find nothing. He tortured Princess Leia trying to find them, but did not. However, a crew on Tatooine had found the remains of an escape pod from the Tantive IV and found a peice of metal plating from a gold protocal droid and were combing the area for such a droid. Meanwhile, he tried to get Organa to tell him where the Rebels base was. He tortured her, but she was given special training to resist such things. He threatened to blow up her homeworld, Alderaan, if she wouldn't tell him. She told them it was on Dantooine, but he destroyed it anyway. Dantooine was a false lead and Leia was scheduled for termination. The Death Star caught a ship that was carrying the the droids that had the plans. However, the crew managed to disguise themselves as Stormtroopers and rescued the princess. Obi-Wan was among them and confronted Vader in a final battle. Obi-Wan was clearly the more powerful, but when Kenobi realized that his part was done, he surrendered and Vader killed him. The princess and her droids, however, escaped. The Empire had managed to attach a tracking device onto the hull of the ship, learning that the Rebel Alliance was based on the 4th moon of Yavin. As the Death Star neared the jungle moon, the Alliance sent out a group of X and Y-Wing starfighters. Vader led a group of TIE fighters to stop them from destroying the Death Star. However, when the same ship that had escaped from the Death Star, the Millenium Falcon, arrived, it crippled Vader's ship and he was sent spinning off into space. Luckily, his ship was equipped with a hyperdrive unit, that allowed him to reach Coruscant. The Emperor was angry that Vader had gotten the battle station destroyed, but Vader was soon put back on missions against the Alliance. On one, a capture assignment on the Wheel gambling station, Vader learned that the Rebel who destroyed the Death Star was none other than the Sith Lord's own son, Luke Skywalker. Vader began a vendetta against Luke to try to capture him to turn him to the dark side. To aid in his quest, Cos Palpatine gave him his own personal Star Destroyer, the Executor. However, when he was unable to destroy the Rebel base, he instead went back to his military experiments, such as General Mohc's robotic Dark Troopers, which was foiled by Kyle Katarn. His soldiers were able to capture Luke and Leia on Mimban, Vader engaged them both in combat, but with Obi-Wan Kenobi's spirit aiding him, Skywalker was able to slice off one of his robotic hands. Shortly before the Battle of Hoth, Vader enlisted Grand Admiral Thrawn in a campaign to injure the Black Sun criminal syndicate. In return, he gave the Chiss Admiral command of a squad of Noghri Death Commandoes. As thanks, Thrawn helped Vader win the Battle of Derra IV, which paved the way for the Battle of Hoth. The Executor followed the Millenium Falcon from the Battle of Hoth to Bespin, arriving shortly before the crew and making a deal with Baron Administrator Lando Calrissian. He captured the crew including Captain Han Solo, who had shot his TIE Fighter down during the Battle of Yavin. He put Han Solo in carbon freeze to see if the procedure would work on Skywalker, then gave the slab to Boba Fett so he could collect the bounty on his head. When Skywalker arrived after sensing his friends were in trouble, the two dueled, going deep into Cloud City's foundation. Vader cut off Lukes saber hand and told him that he was his son. He tried to turn the young Jedi to the dark side, but Luke escaped. He collected Luke's hand and lightsaber, which was really his old one, presenting them both to the Emperor as trophies. He ran into Skywalker on the battle station Tarkin, but lost him when several traitorous officers tried to assassinate him. The friction between Vader and Prince Xizor reached the boiling point when one of the Black Sun officers tried to kill Luke Skywalker. Not wanting him to die before he was recruited, Vader had Xizor vaporized. Vader ran into Luke on the shield generator station on Endor. He brought him to the Emperor's throne room on the Death Star II, where they dueled. Luke could not fight him, now excepting that he was his father. Vader discovered, through probing Skywalker's mind, that he had a twin sister, who was actually Princess Leia Organa. He suggested that if Luke wouldn't join him, he would turn her to the dark side. They engaged in a final violent conflict, which ended in him losing a mechanical hand. Luke finally mastered his emotions and sheathed his saber. Realizing he wouldn't be able to turn him to the dark side, Palpatine turned loose a barrage of Force Lightning on him. Vader then ceased to be, becoming Anakin Skywalker, Jedi Knight. He used his immense strength to pick up Palpatine and throw him down an energy shaft, but not before absorbing a high amount of Force Lightning. An inch from death, he asked Luke to remove his mask so he could see him with his own eyes. He thanked Luke for returning him to the light, before dieing. During the victory celebration on Endor, Anakin was cremated. Anakin appeared to Luke along side the spirits of Obi-Wan and Yoda. He also appeared to his daughter, Leia on the planet Bakura.



Appears in: Attack of the Clones, Boba Fett: Enemy of the Empire, The Mandalorian Armor, Classic Star Wars, Classic Star Wars: The Early Adventures, Dark Forces: Episode I Adventures, Episode I Tie-In, Empire Strikes Back, Empire Strikes Back Radio Drama, Galaxy of Fear, Jedi Apprentice: Special Edition #1- Deception, Jedi Quest: Path to Truth, Star Wars Marvel Series, The Movie Trilogy Sourcebook, Return of the Jedi, Rogue Planet, Splinter of the Mind's Eye, Shadows of the Empire, A New Hope, Star Wars Tales, Star Wars: Vader's Quest, Tales From the Empire, The Phantom Menace, The Stele Chronicles