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Duel #3: Hard Beat


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We join Yugi waiting for his bus to come. The bus is unusually full today and while Yugi's trying to find a seat, he meets Hanasaki (Lint Greendale), a fellow social outcast. He's surprised to find him, because he didn't knoe he rode his bus. The bus hits a curve and Yugi is knocked into the back of the bus, which is miraculously empty. He wonders why for about a second, but then he hears this really loud music. It's Sozoji (Fender Shrill), who is listening to really loud rock and roll music with his eyes closed. Yugi starts heading towards the others, thinking Sozoji didn't see him. Sozoji opens his eyes end asks Yugi to sit next to him. he says that it's almost time for another of his karaoke shows, where he forces people to pay to listen to his "beautiful" singing voice. References from past audience members include: "I'll never go again", " I was sick for three days afterwards", and "GAAHH! Please stop!!". Sozoji asks him to sell some tickets for 2,000 ($17) each. At school, Jonouchi has finally excepted that there's no star at the school. He decides that he'll become the star. When Yugi doesn't reply, Jonouchi asks if something's wrong. Yugi says it's nothing. It looks like he'll have to  go home with the tickets still in hand, when he runs into Hanasaki again. Hanasaki asks him to buy a ticket for Sozoji's show. Hanasaki says he has five and can't sell any. Yugi says that he'll sell all of Hanasaki's tickets. Sozoji comes out of the door behind Hanasaki and beats him up. By the night of the show, Yugi hasn't managed to sell a ticket. When Sozoji finds out he says he's going to make Yugi listen to his songs all night long through headphones with the volume turned up all the way. He pulls back the curtains and Yugi is shocked to see a very beat-up Hanasaki. Hanasaki says he's being punished for giving Yugi those tickets and passes out. Yugi gets really angry and Yu-Gi-Oh takes over. He unplugs the headphones and challenges him to a game. He pulls out two Sound Pierrots, toys that look like clowns, which dance if you make a noise near them. The rules are simple. They each have one placed infront of them. Whoever's clown dances first will lose. If Sozoji wins, he can kill him, But if Yugi wins, Sozoji must play a penalty game. The game starts and Sozoji is annoyed because he doesn't like the room being silent. Then he notices Yugi's headphone jack is balancing on the rim of Yu-i-Oh's glass. His heart starts beating in anticipation. Just as the jack is about to fall, Sozoji's Pierrot starts dancing and Sozoji asks why. Yu-Gi-Oh tells him that it's his heart. You see; Sozoji was holding his microphone close to his chest without turning it off. Yu-Gi-Oh makes him play the Penalty Game of Beat Festival, which causes him to be tortured my the loud beating of his heart, similar to the book "The Tell-Tale Heart". Yu-Gi-Oh walks away explaining that the beats of Rock and Roll are based on the beating of a human heart, making this punishment perfect for a human Karkaoke.