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Domino High: The High Pharoah Tom "Voldemort" Riddle's Yu-Gi-Oh! Fansite
Duel #5: The False Prophet


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The scene opens on Domino High School, were Anzu is telling Yugi and Jonouchi about Kokurano (Fortuno), who is rumored to be psychic. Jonouchi says he's gotta go get his fortune told. At lunch, they rush down to classroom A, where everyone is crowding around Kokurano to get there fortunes told. Jonouchi notices most of them are girls, and tries to make everyone think Anzu dragged him there. Then an earthquake starts and everyone freaks out. When it's over, Kokurano says he predicted that it would happen, and pulls out a peice of paper that says "Earthquake Today". Anzu says she'll get her fortune told after all. Kokurano uses palmestry as an excuse to feel up Anzu's hand. He says that she'll fall in love with a wonderful man, who is near to her right now. When Jonouchi comes up, Kokurano says he's having bad luck and says next in line. Yugi says he doesn't beleive Kokurano's really a psychic. Kokurano says he predicts that countless letters will fall from the heavens and bring disaster on Yugi. Later, in the library, Yugi is putting a book on the shelf and all the shelves fall on him. Yu-Gi-Oh takes over and he realizes that Anzu is in danger. Kokurano has a jar of Chloroform and uses it to make Anzu 'swoon' infront of him. Then, Yu-Gi-Oh steps in and challenges him to a game. The bottle of Chloroform is placed on a table with a lot of paper on it. They will take turns pulling out sheets of paper from under it. Whoever causes it to fall will lose. Yu-Gi-Oh goes first and does it easily. Kokurano does it with the same ease. Yu-Gi-Oh pulls a sheet of paper and the bottle is on the edge. Yu-Gi-Oh says that if Kokurano wants to win, he'll have to use his psychic powers to levitate the bottle. Kokurano concentrates and pulls. Yu-Gi-Oh says that in your mind, anyone can be psychic. The bottle falls and as Kokurano falls on the floor, his jacket falls open, and it's full of false predictions.