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Duel #8: The Poison Man


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The story opens as Honda, Yugi, and Jonouchi are walking down a dingy alley towards in a poor part of town. Yugi asks Jonouchi were he's taking them. Jonouchi says that they're almost there. They come up on the shop Jonouchi looking for: The Junky Scorpion. They walk in and it turns out to be a shoe store. Jonouchi soon finds what he's looking for, Air Muscle Basketball Shoes. The merchant says that he won't sell them to Jonouchi, because they are incredibly rare. He'll only sell them to guys with guts. So he puts a scorpion in one of the shoes and says that if Jonouchi puts his foot in there, he'll sell them to him. Jonouchi says he'll do it and he slams his foot inside. The merchant reveals that he didn't actually put a scorpion inside and was just testing him. The merchant says not only will he sell Jonouchi the shoes, he'll let him have them half price, but he warns him that a gang called the Muscle Hunters are stealing Air-Muscle shoes. Jonouchi throws his old shoes away and skips down the street in his new Air-Muscles. Soon the gang jumps them and steals Jonouchi's shoes and beats them up. They decide to hunt them down and pay them back. They find them headed towards the arcade and they beat them even worse than they did before. Jonouchi asks them for his sneakers back, but they don't have them, because they gave them to the merchant because he hired them. This causes Yu-Gi-Oh to take over Yugi's body and rushes back to the Junky Scorpion, where he finds the merchant talking about the scam he just pulled off. Yu-Gi-Oh says he'll take back the shoes. The merchant slips the scorpion inside one of the shoes and hands it to him. Instead of taking it, Yu-Gi-Oh drops ten coins into the sneaker and challenges the merchant to a game. They'll take turns taking coins out of the sneaker. Whoever gets the most by the end without getting stung wins. The merchant says he'll do it if Yu-Gi-Oh pays him 100,000 for each coin he gets if he wins. Yu-Gi-Oh says if he wins the merchant must give Jonouchi's sneakers back. They agree to each other's conditions and the game begins. Yu-Gi-Oh gets one coin, so does the mechant, Yu-Gi-Oh gets anotherone. The merchant asks if anything goes as long as you put your hand in the shoe. Yu-Gi-Oh says that's correct and the merchant stabs the shoe and the scorpion and grabs the rest of the coins. He asks Yu-Gi-Oh to pay up, but he says the mechant has lost, because he cannot any longer withdraw his hand. Yu-Gi-Oh also says that he missed the scorpion, which stings him and he loses. Later, Yugi brings Jonouchi the shoes and says that he woke up and they were in the shop, but for some reason one of them has a hole in it. Jonouchi says he'll consider it a battle scar.