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Duel #9: The Cards With Teeth (Part One)


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We begin with the gang at the shop, where Sugoroku is showing them the newest trading card game, Magic and Wizards. Sugoroku says he has one incredibly rare card, and he shows it to them, The Blue Eyed White Dragon. Jonouchi suggests Yugi and he play Magic and Wizards at school the next day (don't they ever do any learning at their school). Yugi agrees and they start buying packs. Jonouchi opens a pack and says he thinks he got some strong cards in it. Somone opens the door and its none other than Seto Kaiba, from their class. He asks Sugoroku for some packs. Jonouchi asks if he he plays too and invites him to join their group. Kaiba looks at their cards and says that they are not in his league since he's able to compete at the international level. He sees the BEWD on the counter and asks to see it. Kaiba pulls out his briefcase and opens it up and everyone is surprised to find it is full of rare cards. Kaiba says he'll trade all of the cards inside for it. Sugoroku says no, and says he won't trade it, because it was given to him by a friend of his. He says Kaiba should take care of his cards to find the games true strength. Kaiba walks away, angrily. The next day at school, Yugi and Jonouchi are playing Magic and Wizards. Yugi wins easily and Kaiba says the Elementary Schoolers at the tournaments are better than Jonouchi. He asks if Yugi brought the BEWD to school, Yugi said he did, and Kaiba asks if he can see it. When Yugi shows it to him, Kaiba switches the card with a color copy from a magazine and gives that back to Yugi instead. After school Yugi says that catches up with Kaiba and asks for his card back, Kaiba asks why Yugi thinks he stole the BEWD. Yugi says he can tell fake cards from real ones. Kaiba says he knows nothing about it. Yugi says he knows Kaiba stole it. Kaiba still denies it. Yugi tries to tell Kaiba something, but before he can finish, Kaiba slams him with his breifcase. Kaiba says he doesn't care about loving the cards or anything like that, and he's keeping the card. This causes Yu-Gi-Oh to take over. He challenges Kaiba to a Duel. If Yu-G-Oh wins, he gets the card back and Kaiba must play a penalty game. Kaiba goes first and plays Ryu-Kishin in attack mode (1000/500). He is surprised when the monster appears on the field as an actual monster. On Yu-Gi-Oh's turn, he plays Blackland Fire Dragon in attack mode (1500/800) and attacks Ryu-Kishin (Kaiba's Life Points: 1500).
To be continued...