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Bandit Keith


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"YOU should have seen the look on YOUR face when Metalzoa fell into the spiked chasm, it was priceless", - Katsuya Jonouchi (Joey Wheeler)


Sex: Male
Voice Actors: Ted Lewis (USA)
Favorite Card: Slot Machine
One of the best Duelists in the world. He has had a grudge against Pegasus since he humiliated at the finals of the inter-continental championship. After his lackey, Kotsuzuka (Bonz) lost at the Duelist Kingdom Tournement, he knocked out him and his other lackeys and stole their Star-Chips to gain entrance to the finals, where he faced the same Duelist who beat Bonz. He lost the Duel and was thrown into the sea after threatening Pegasus with a gun. Shortly before the Battle City Tournament, he was possessed by Malik Ishtal (Marik Ishtar) and challenged Yugi Moto to a Duel and lost again.

Pendulum Machine
Launcher Spider
Magical Metal Force
Metal Zoa
Barrell Dragon
Time Machine
Slot Machine
7 Completed
7 Completed
Cyber Jar
Mechanical Chaser
Ground Attacker Bugroth
Mega-Sonic Eye
Machine King
Machinery Conversion Factory
Graceful Charity
Zera Ritual
Zera the Rant
Stop Defense
Magic Jammer
Demon's Ritual
Solemn Judgement
Hand Reaching Out to the Dead