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Hiroto Honda


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"Honda always makes me carry his stuff and buy dirty magazines for him. I don't really like him that much,"- Yugi


AKA Tristan Taylor
Sex: Male
Voice Actors: Frank Frankson (USA) Takayuki Kondô (Japanese)
Favorite Card: Cyber Commander (I know I put Swamp Battleguard on the backround, but I couldn't get a picture of The Cyber Commander, so if anyone can find it Email it to me!)
We first meet Hond as a bully who steals Yugi's Millenium Puzzle and teases him. He befriends Yugi after he tells him hoe he always considered him a friend. He is best friends with Jounouchi (Joey) and was very upset when he rejoined the Rintana gang. He spends pretty much all the time on the side lines of every major duel, however he may participate in a duel in the future.

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Known Deck:
Cyber Commander
Swamp Battleguard

Eternal Deulist Soul Deck:
Pendulum Machine
Summoned Skull
Aqua Madoor
Battle Warrior
Dark Assailant
Hiro's Shadow Scout
Horn Imp
Jinzo #7
Kagemusha of the Blue Flame
Kanan the Swordmistress
M-Warrior #1
M-Warrior #2
Masaki the Legendary Swordsman
Moon Envoy
Mystical Elf
Oscillo Hero
Prevent Rat
Shadow Specter
Skull Servant
Sonic Maid
Spirit of the Harp
Stuffed Animal
Unknown Warrior of Fiend
Vishwar Randi
Dark-Piercing Light
Goblin's Secret Remedy
Legendary Sword
Monster Reborn
Mooyan Curry
Soul of the Pure
Sword of Dark Destruction
Gryphon Wing
Seven Tools of the Bandit