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Rebecca Hawkins


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"She talks to the bear?"- Jonouchi (Joey)


Sex: Female
Voice Actors: Kerry Williams (USA)
Favorite Card: Ring of Magnetism
Rebecca is the US Duel Monsters champion and a child protegee. She is only eight and still carries her teddy bear around. Her grandfather worked along side Yugi's grandfather, whom Professor Hawkins his rare Blue-Eyed White Dragon. She seems to suffer some disillusion over how it happened, and is convinced that Yugi's grandfather stole it. She and Yugi Dueled to decide who got the Blue-Eyes. Yugi's grandfather, who was watching the Duel was surprised to find it was exactly the same as a Duel he and Rebecca's grandfather had had over their last water in the canteen while they were trapped in an Egyptian tomb. She won the Duel by forfiet and recieved the peices of the Blue-Eyes that Kaiba ripped up. Yep just another way that Japan is making fun of us.

Witch of the Black Forest
Witch of the Black Forest
Millenium Sheild
Ring of Magnetism
Cannon Soldier
Shadow Ghoul
Stop Defense
Monster Reborn