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The Harry Potter site of the Evil Lord Tom "Voldemort" Riddle
Reamus J. Lupin


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"Consorting with a werewolf...,"-Severus Snape, Prisoner of Azkaban


Actor: David Thewlis
House: Former Gryffindor
Family: All unknown
Friends: None (James Potter and Sirius Black were killed and Peter Pettigrew was responsible for the death of James)
As a small child, Reamus Lupin received a bite from a werewolf. He was scarred for life. He was almost unable to attend Hogwarts. But the new headmaster, Albus Dumbledore, allowed him to attend under special circumstances. He tried to conceal the truth from his friends, but the truth leaked out. They eventually became Animagi so they could roam the grounds at night. After graduating, Lupin had difficulty finding a career because of his being a werewolf. 19 years later, Dumbledore gave Lupin a job as Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, which he resigned from at the end of the year after a close encounter with a few of the students. When Lord Voldemort regained power, He joined The Order of the Phoenix, a group of wizards working against The Dark Lord. At the end of that year, one of his friends, another member, Sirius Black was killed.

Fun Facts
  • His school nickname was Moony