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Kyp Durron
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"What!  You're just a kid,"- Han Solo


Actor: None
Species: Human
Weapon of Choice: Lightsaber (Violet Blade)
Occupation: Jedi
Approximate Height: 5ft. 8in.
Homeworld: Anoat
Kyp Durron is the son of outspoken political activists in a Deyer Colony on the Anoat system. His family was pretty happy, until Imperial Stormtroopers captured them, sent Kyp and his parents to the spice mines of Kessel, and Kyp brother Seth to the military acedemy on Carida. A year into the hellish labor on Kessel, Kyp's parents were killed in a prison revolt. So he carried out the next decade down in the dark, extracting glitterstim spice for refinement. He got a very small break when he met Jedi Mistress Vima-Da-Boda, she taught him minor force exercises.  But even she was transfered else where. For seven years he did manual labor. His future seemed to be down in the mines, until Han Solo and Chewbacca helped him escape. He then became one Luke Skywalker's new Jedi Knights. He embraced the spirit of Exar Kun, hoping it could be harnessed for noble purposes. He was wrong. Exar Kun took total possession over him in order to obtain the Sun Crusher and destroy many Imperial solar systems. When Skywalker tried to stop him, Kyp knocked him into a coma and contued on his path of destruction. Solo, disheartened by what happened, took the students on a search for Durron/Kun. They managed to exorcize Kun's spirit and Kyp was sent back to the academy. He recieved no punishment but his own guilt, which was considerable. He followed the code strictly and even became the leader of a group of younger Jedi Knights and eventually taking an apprentice, who co-founded with him the Dozen and Two Avengers, a battlion of X-Wing pilots. However, when the Yuzahn Vong attacked, they destroyed the DATAs and Kyp joined the ranks of the New Jedi Order. He has since fought in many epic battles including the Darksaber crisis, and the Yavin Vassilika. Newly promoted Master Kyp Durron has now become one of the most powerful Jedi Masters of the age.

Appears In: Agents of Chaos II: Jedi Eclipse, Balance Point, Champions of the Force, Dark Apprentice, Dark Saber, Edge of Victory II: Rebirth, Jedi Academy: Levethian, Jedi Academy Sourcebook, Jedi Search, Tales from the New Republic, Vector Prime, Young Jedi Knights