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Corran Horn
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"Size matters not,"-Yoda


Actor: Michael A. Stackpole (Model, Trading Card Game)
Species: Human
Sex: Male
Weapon of Choice: Dual Phase Lightsaber (Blue Blade)
Occupation: Jedi, former Police Officer, Pilot, and Soldier
Approximate Height: 5ft. 4in.
Homeworld: Corellia
Corran Horn came from a long line of Jedi Knights dating back to Keiran Halcyon. The Corellian Jedi were notorious for breaking the rule of the Jedi that discouraged marriage, which is how Corran's family survived the ages. The line led to Nejaa Halcyon who perished in the Clone Wars. His best friend, Officer Rostek Horn, married Halcyon's widow and adopting her son Valin. Valin survived the purge by changing his name to Hal Horn and married a woman named Nyche and fathered one son, Corran Horn and graduated from the CorSec academy, following in his adoptive father's foot steps. Young Corran grew up knowing nothing of his heritage and entered into the CorSec Academy like his father before him. Graduating two years after the Battle of Yavin, he became one of CorSec's most promising Officers. With his father as his partner, he captured many criminals across the galaxy, including Zekka Thyne, kingpin of the Black Sun Organization. Shortly after, Corran's mother was killed in an accident caused by a drunk speeder driver. Corran then transferred into the Smuggling Interdiction Division, partnering with officer Iella Wessiri. However, disaster struck again when his father was assasinated by the Trandoshan bounty hunter, Bossk. However, Kirtan Loor, the Imperial Liason in CorSec let Bossk go with no penalty what so ever. Corran suspected that Kirtan had arranged the attack but had no evidence to back it up. His partner helped him through this tough time and they explored the alternatives to being slaves to the Empire that was infecting CorSec. One year after the Battle of Yavin, Loor, who had kept his position in CorSec, even after the fall of the Empire, order that CorSec crack down on the so called "traitorous" New Republic shipping. Tired of listening to Loor's ilk, Corran, Iella, Iella's husband, and Officer Gil Bastra fled the planet Corellia under assumed names. Fleeing in Corran's X-Wing fighter, they drifted through out the galaxy, eventually joining the New Republic's military. Corran became a member of Wedge Antille's Rogue Squadron and flew among them during the capture of Borleias. During his time among the Rogue's he grew close to Mirax Terrik, daughter of a smuggler, who's father had been sent to the spice mines of Kessel by Corran's father. Corran and the Rogues flew undercover to Coruscant, which was still under Imperial control as part of the New Republic's attack force, during which, Corran's ship crashed. He awoke on board Ysanne Isgard's flag ship, the Lusankya. The New Republic beleived him dead, putting fellow pilot Tycho Celchu on trial for his murder. However, Corran was able to escape and received two welcome surprises, his grandfather's old lightsaber from the Imperial Museum and the news that one of Isard's sleepers had killed Kirtan Loor. Eager to learn about the Force, but not willing to become a pupil of Master Skywalker, he put his training on hold, he joined Rogue Squadron in the attack on Thyferra, dethroning Isard during the Bacta Wars. Afterwards, Horn and Mirax were married aboard the Lusakya, which had been captured by the New Republic, which was followed up by a more elaborate ceremony upon return to Coruscant. After a brief honeymoon on Alakatha, Corran joined the war against Grand Admiral Thrawn, freeing the former Lusankya in the final battle with Ysanne Isard. He also fought against the reborn Emperor Palpatine, during which he lost his home on Coruscant, but came out of it in anticipation of peace. Instead, he discovered that his wife had gone missing. Feeling it was time to start his training, hoping it would help him find his wife. During his time in Skywalker's academy, he and the other students came into contact with the ancient spirit of Sith Lord, Exar Kun. It took the entire academy to bring down the Sith Lord. Now ready to find his wife, he discovered she was being held captive by Leonia Tavira's pirate gang. He infiltrated the gang and rescued his wife from a gang with-in a gang, Leonia's so-called "Jedi Advisors", who were really a group founded by a Dark Jedi that Corran's grandfather had killed. With a newly constructed dual-phase Lightsaber, he vowed to integrate his life as a pilot and his life as a Jedi. For the next eight years, he served as a pilot, making many friends, including Dlegos A'kla, a Caamasi diplomat he'd rescued from the Invid pirates. Approximately two years after her rescue, Mirax gave birth to her and Corran's first child, a son who they named Valin after Corran's father. After years of service, Corran decided to retire at the rank of Colonel. Several years later, Mirax gave birth to a daughter, Jysella. Both children showed signs of force sensitivity, so Corran enrolled them at Skywalker's academy, where he became a teacher. When the Yuuzhan Vong invaded, it shattered the academy's peace. Master Skywalker dispatch a small group of knights, including Corran Horn was sent to Bimmiel, where they hooked up with a stranded archeological research team that had dug up the mummified remains of a Yuuzhan Vong who had come to Bimmiel. However, the Yuuzahn Vong were also after the mummy. In the battle, Corran killed two, nearly losing his own life in the process. Unfortunately, the two Yuuzahn Vong he had killed and the corpse, were relatives of Commander Shai, causing a deep seated hatred to develope between the two of them. Corran went back to the military career he had left. During a mission on Garqi, he made a major discovery: the Yuuzahn Vong's organic armor was deathly allergic to the pollen of Ithorian baffor trees. However, the Yuuzahn Vong were set to destroy the planet. Desperate, he challenged Commander Shai to a duel. If Corran won, Shai would call off the attack, but if Shai won, he would attack the planet and receive the remains of his ancestor. Horn won, but the commander went back on his word and the planet was destroyed. Ridden with guilt, Corran went into exile, helping the Jedi from a far.

Appears in: The Bacta War, Dark Tide I: Onslaught, Dark Tide II: Ruin, Edge of Victory I: Conquest, Edge of Victory II: Rebirth, I, Jedi, Krytos Trap, Rogue  Squadron, Star by Star, The Official Star Wars Adventure Journal, Star Wars Union, Tales From the Empire, Wedge's Gamble, X-Wing: Rogue Squadron