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Jabba Desilijic Tiure
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"If I told you half the things I've heard about this "Jabba The Hutt", you just might short-circuit,"-C-3PO


Actor: Declan Mulholland (Stand-in, A New Hope), David Barclay, Toby Philpott, and Mike Edmonds (Puppeteers, Return of The Jedi)
Species: Hutt
Sex: None (Hermaphrodite)
Weapon of Choice: Bounty Hunters
Occupation: Gangster
Approximate Height: 12 ft. 8 in.
Homeworld: Nal Hutta
Jabba The Hutt was born to the four-hundred year-old Zorba The Hutt, who taught him the way of clan politics. For centuries, Jabba carried out thousand of Desilijic operations throughout the expanses of Hutt space. When the Desilijic clan decided to expand their operations throughout the galaxy, Jabba was moved from Nal Hutta to the backwater desert planet of Tatooine. Jabba took over a temple of the B'omar monks and bought some of the sexiest slave girls for his personal entertainment. Jabba became the unofficial ruler of the planet, commonly seen with Gardulla The Hutt. One day, though Jabba himself wouldn't remember it much for the rest of his life, he served as master of ceremonies at the Boonta Eve Classic Podrace, whose winner, Anakin Skywalker would become father of Leia Skywalker, who would Eventually kill him. Jabba had formed his own "Inner Circle" of protection. They contained Aurra Sing, a bounty hunter; his major domo, Bib Fortuna; and assasin Dannik Jerrico.  However, he only had one true friend, a Chevin gunrunner named Elephant Mon. He was always ready to fund one of Elephant Mon's schemes, including one right before the battle of Naboo, during which, two girls were captured. Unfortunately, one of them was the daughter of Jedi Knight Ki-Adi-Mundi. He tracked down Jabba, and discovered he was outfitting the Trade Federation with equipment for the battle. The weapons were conficated. Afterwards, Jabba orchestrated another weapons deal. Actually, it was just a way to get rid of the plethora of weapons he'd aquired by starting a war between the settlers and the Tusken Raiders. Once again he was stopped by Ki-Adi-Mundi. At almost the same time, Bib Fortuna mishandled some trivialty and Jabba demoted him to errand boy and replaced him with Naroon Cuthas. Fifteen years before the battle of Yavin, Jabba's father, Zorba, was arrested for his illegal gemstone mining operation. He was imprisoned by the Empire on the planet Kip. Since bribery was inaffective to free him, Zorba's sibling, Jiliac took over the clan Desilijic. Since Jabba was his nephew, he became next in line. Jabba split his time between operations on Tatooine and Nal Hutta. Because of this traveling, he had many exciting adventures. During this time, he employed a spice pilot named Han Solo to do his bidding. During one of these adventures, he and Elephant Mon stole guns from an armory on Glakka. They were attacked by raiders, who Elephant Mon disposed of, saving Jabba's life. To return the favor, he protected Elephant Mon from the cold by wrapping his warm coils around him. Jabba had grown tired with Naroon Cuthas and started considering two candidates for the majordomo of his operations- the Corellian Bidlo Kwerve and Bib Fortuna, who had risen through the ranks to become his top leiutenant and had served him for almost thirty years. Meanwhile, Jabba recived a new pet, a Kowakian Monkey-Lizard named Salacious Crumb. He brought him to his palace to be his court jester. While many other members of the court were annoyed by him, Jabba found Salacious a hilarious addition to the organization. Back on Nal Hutta, Durga Besadii Tai, who's clan was bitter towards the clan Desilijic challenged Jabba's Uncle Jiliac, the leader of the Desilijic and killed him. This legally made Jabba the leader of his clan. As he watched his uncle's cooling corpse, he saw his uncle's offspring crawling out of it. Not wanting his rule challenged, he rolled over his new cousin, crushing him. As ruler of Desilijic, he sponsored Bria Tharen's Alliance raid on Ylesia, which, as a bonus, also destroyed Besadii spice factories. Just before The Battle of Yavin, Jabba was given a gift by Bidlo Kwerve, who was still in the running for Major Domo: A rancor. Jabba, in a stroke of irony, made Kwerve the rancor's first meal and once more appointed Bib Fortuna as his Major Domo. Han Solo, who was once Jabba's favorite pilot, envoked his anger when, while carrying priceless loads of spice from the mines of Kessel, he was confronted by an Imperial ship and dumped his cargo for fear of being caught with illegal spice. This enraged Jabba to the point of putting an illegal bounty on his head. He sent scores of bounty hunters after him, but all failed, until Boba Fett, who the Empire also had working for them, finally got him and brought him to Jabba encased in carbonite, which he hung on his wall, to serve as a reminder to all his workers the price of disloyalty. However, his Alliance friends rushed to rescue Solo, however, they were all swiftly captured. Among them was Princess Leia Organa, who Jabba humiliated by forcing to become a slave girl. When Jedi Master Luke Skywalker arrived to free the others, he was sent to the Rancor, however he was able to kill the creature, so Jabba sent all of the Alliance prisoners to be pushed into the Pit of Carkoon. However they over powered the guards and Jabba was killed when the princess used her own chain to choke him to death.

Appears In: Classic Star Wars, A Decade of Dark Horse: This Crumb For Hire, Star Wars: The Essential Guide to Characters, The Hutt Gambit, The Illustrated Star Wars Universe, Jabba the Hutt: The Art of the Deal, Jabba the Hutt: The Jabba Tape, Star Wars Marvel Series, The Movie Trilogy Sourcebook, Rebel Dawn, Return of the Jedi, Star Wars: A New Hope, Star Wars Demolition, Star Wars Ongoing Series, Tales From Jabba's Palace, The Phantom Menace, Zorba the Hutt's Revenge