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Jolee Bindo
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"So the crazed old semi-Jedi wants me to get some kids off his lawn,"- Revan


Actor: Kevin Micheal Richardson
Species: Human
Sex: Male
Weapon of Choice: Lightsaber (Green Blade [I know the picture has a blue blade, but in the game it is really green])
Occupation: Jedi, Former Smuggler
Approximate Height: Unknown
Homeworld: Unknown
Jolee has a very mysterious past, no one is sure what happened to him early in life that made him the stone faced old man he is today, although it is suggested that he fought in the war against Exar Kun. What we know is that he became a hermit on the planet Kashyyyk. He remained alone here for years, until he met a young Jedi who was traveling the galaxy in an attempt to defeat the Sith. He asked him to clear the land of the Czerka Corporation scum that was overrunning the planet of Kashyyyk. After the completion of this task, Jolee led him to the Star Map they were seeking and ultimately joined his crew, along side Mission Vao, a young Twi'lek from the streets of Taris; Her Wookie friend Zaalbar; the Republic Soldier, Carth Onasi; Famous Jedi Knight, Bastila Shan; Mandalorian Bounty Hunter, Canderous Ordo; two droids, T3-M4 and HK-47; and the cat-like Jedi, Juhani. His travels brought him to the ocean planet of Manaan, where he ran into an old friend of his, Sunry, who was on trial for the murder of a Sith woman. In the investigation, Jolee discovered that Sunry was not only guilty, but had also been having an affair with the Sith woman. However, he knew that at heart the killing was justified, but the laws in effect on Manaan would not permit his actions, so he found a way to get him off. After his abduction by the Leviathan, the Sith Admiral Saul Karath revealed to the crew that the one who brought them all together was in fact the notorious Sith Lord Darth Revan, whose mind had been whiped by the Jedi Council. Those who had known each other shorter might have abandoned him, but after everything they had gone through, they stuck together. With Jolee's help, the golden age of the Sith ended.

Appears in: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (PC and X-Box Game)