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"I'm not excactly Revan any more,"-Revan


Actor: Kristoffer Tabori
Species: Droid
Programming: Masculine
Type: Protocal/Assasin Droid
Creator: Czerka Corporation
Approximate Height: 5 ft. 10 in.
Homeworld: None
The HK line of assasin droids were famous for their sadistic killing methods, unwavering loyalty, black sense of humor, and their ability to speak almost every known language in the galaxy. Because of the dangerous nature of these droids, the line was outlawed on most systems. How ever, on the backwater planet on Tatooine, the average merchant does not recognize a potential dangerous situation in the making, but a financially advantageous situation, regardless of the legality. That is how the HK-47 model wound up in the humble droid shop of the Ithorian Yuka Laka. It seemed that even in the hive of scum and villiany that is Anchorhead, no one was interested in such a shady droid. That was until a young Jedi purchased him in order to try to comunicate with the native Tusken Raiders. HK-47 completed this task and ended up staying with the Jedi, travelling all over the Outer Rim Territories, but seemed to have a sort of blank spot in his memory, beyond that of a normal memory wipe. He could not remember certain functions he had and could not understand why. The answer made itself apparent when the crew was captured by the Leviathan and it was revealed that the young Jedi was the reformed Darth Revan. Upon their escape, HK-47 discovered he now had access to his full funtionality, which had been disabled until he returned to his original master, Darth Revan. Upon discovering his masters true identity, he pledged he would continue to serve him. HK-47 was still among them when they attacked the Sith Star Forge, putting an end to Darth Malak's rain of terror.

Appears in: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (PC and X-box Game)