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"Great. Bastila and the cat-woman. Is there anyone else you wanna stick me with?"-Revan


Actor: Courtenay Taylor
Species: Cathar
Sex: Female
Weapon of Choice: Lightsaber (Blue Blade)
Occupation: Jedi, former Dark Lady of the Sith
Approximate Height: Unknown
Homeworld: Cathar
Juhani was born on Cathar, however when it was attacked, her family fled to Taris. Taris, being generally discreminated against non humans, held nothing for the Cathar. Juhani's father turned to stims to take his mind off his problems. He got into debt with the local crimelord, Davik Kang, who had him killed. Juhani's mother gave everything for her daughter, giving up food and provisions to feed her daughter. However, the family was still in debt and Juhani's mother died, leaving the young Cathar in debt. Juhani's dim life took a bright turn, however, when a group of Jedi payed a visit to the outer rim world, among them the famed Revan. Juhani was so enamored with them that as soon as she could afford to leave the planet, she went to the Dantioone Jedi Enclave to receive training. The Dantioone branch of the Jedi council took her on, assigning her to Master Quatra. Juhani, however began studing the dark arts. Quatra's impatience began to anger Juhani and eventually, she attacked her out of anger. She believed her to be dead and fleed into the grove near the academy. She soon came into conflict with the nomadic Mandalorians that romed the plains attacking anone and everyone who crossed their paths. She easily killed them, however. She was in the middle of intensive meditation when she was disturbed by a young Jedi and his companions, sent to purge the grove of the taint of the Dark Side. Juhani stunned the Jedi's companions and fought the Jedi in a duel. She was bested and when the Jedi didn't kill her. The Padawan insisted that Juhani didn't deserve to die and convinced her to return to the order. Juhani discovered that Quatra was not killed, just injured, she had healed and gone to teach students elsewhere. It was her way of seeing if she could resist the Dark Side's lure. The Council decided she had learned her lesson and admitted her back into the Order. When her savior discovered Malak's plan to unearth the discover the ancient Star Forge, she was sent in the group to discover the location of the Forge. During her travels, she met Xor, a slaver who had wanted to buy her as a child and now wanted her as an adult. Juhani said she wouldn't let him and he threatened the group and left. They met up with him later and he was killed. She also met Dak Vesser, a former friend of hers at the Enclave. He had fallen and joined the Sith Academy on Korriban. he had fallen in love with Juhani, but she hadn't felt that way about him. They got into an argument upon meeting again and Dak left the planet. She continued on and helped her Jedi companion defeat Darth Malak.
Note: My memory is a little vague on Juhani's backstory. If I've made any mistakes, please email me at

Appears in: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (PC and X-Box Game)