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"Goo, Nee, Tay!"- Joh Yowza


Actor: Unknown
Species: Rodian
Sex: Female
Weapon of Choice: None
Occupation: Dancer
Approximate Height: 5 ft. 6 in.
Homeworld: Rodia
Greeata was deamed unusual by fellow young Rodians because of her devotion to artistic endeavours, rather than the more violent Rodian past times. Her parents tries to direct her towards Rodian drama and opera, but their commonly violent themes. She spent most of her time in the spaceports soaking up the many alien cultures that intermingled there. After finishing school, she got a job performing on board a luxury liner, where she made friends with the band leader, Sy Snootles. During a flight, they were spotted by keyboard player Max Rebo. He offered Sy an audition for his band. She agreed, but only on the condition that Greeata be given an audition too. Since Greeata could sing, dance, and play the Kloo Horn, she and Snootles were both excepted. After their supposed "life long gig" at Jabba the Hutt's palace was cut short by the gang lord's death, Greeata and Lyn Me rescued the rest of the band from the wreckage of Jabba's sailbarge. Wandering through the desert, the group were attacked by Tusken Raiders. Greeata's skill with a blaster saved them and stole their banthas, which the band rode into Mos Eisley were they parted ways.

Appears in: Return of the Jedi, Tales From Jabba's Palace