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Luke Skywalker
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"Keep this up and eventually you'll be nothing but a smear on a canyon wall!"- Windy



Actor: Mark Hamill
Species: Human
Sex: Male
Weapon of Choice: Lightsaber (Green Blade, formerly Blue Blade), formerly Blaster Pistol
Occupation: Jedi, former General, former Commander, former Pilot, former Moisture Farmer
Approximate Height: 5 ft. 7 in.
Homeworld: Tatooine
When Anakin Skywalker turned to the dark side and was confronted by his former master, Obi-Wan Kenobi, he Force Choked his pregnant wife, Padmé, believing she had told Kenobi where he was. She collapsed, going into labor. After Kenobi defeated Skywalker, he brought Padmé through childbirth. After dieing after birth complications with Luke's twin sister, Luke was extracted from her dead body. Obi-Wan sent Luke to Tatooine to hide from his corrupted father, leaving him with his Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru. Obi-Wan then disappeared, becoming a hermit. Luke grew up a farm-boy, developing an affinity for droid and technological repair. Luke dreamed of excitement and adventure, something that branded him a dreamer among his circle of friends, constantly teased by the cocky mechanic known as Fixer, who gave him the nickname "Wormie". Fixer believed he was as talented as Biggs Darklighter, a friend of theirs who had gone on to become a part of the Rebel Alliance. Angered at Fixer's egotistic attitude, he challanged him to a race on their T-16 Skyhoppers. Luke won, scaring the hell out of his passenger, a boy named named Windy, in the process. He while loitering outside one day, he noticed two ships fighting each other over Tatooine. He went over to Tosche Station to tell the others and discovered Biggs had come to visit. He told them about the ships, but none of his friends would believe him. Shortly afterwards, a group of Jawa droid traders came to the homestead. Impressed with their skills, his Uncle purchased C-3PO and R2-D2, a protocal and astromech droid, respectively. While cleaning R2, he discovered a part of a message to an Obi-Wan Kenobi. R2 told him he would show him the rest if he would remove his restraining bolt. Luke fell for it, removing the bolt. Afterwards, R2 said he did not know what Luke was talking about. After dinner, 3PO told Luke R2 had run away looking for Obi-Wan Kenobi. The next day, Luke and 3PO went out early to find the astromech. They found him out in the area of the planet wide desert known as the Jundland Wastes. However, soon afterwards, they were attacked by Tusken Raiders only to be saved by a strange hermit known as Ben Kenobi. Luke asked if he was related to the Obi-Wan R2 was searching for. He told them he was the man himself and he took Luke back to his hut to recooperate. He told Luke that his father had been a Jedi, not a navigator on a spice freighter as his uncle had told him. He told Luke that his father had been killed by Darth Vader, a young practitioner of the Dark Side. Presenting Luke with his father's lightsaber, they watched the message. The speaker, Princess Leia Organa, explained that R2-D2 possessed data vital to the Rebel Alliance that needed to be delivered to the Rebel's base of operations on Alderaan. Obi-Wan demanded that Luke come with him and learn the ways of the Force. He insisted that his Uncle needed him. Understanding, Ben escorted him home. On the way, they discovered a downed Jawa sandcrawler that had been attacked by Imperial Stormtroopers. Upon  closer inspection, Luke discovered it was the same Crawler that sold the droids to his uncle and aunt. He rushed back to the homestead, shocked to discover that the Imperials had gotten there first. He agreed to go with Ben to Alderaan and to become the first of the new Jedi Knights. They took a speeder into Mos Eisley spaceport and procured the services of Han Solo and Chewbacca, two star pilots. Luke was at first, disappointed by their ship, the Millenium Falcon, but changed his tune when they out manuevered away from Imperials that pursued them out Mos Eisley. On board the Falcon, Ben trained Luke in the use of a lightsaber. He had him battle a training remote while wearing a helmet with the blast shield down. He had just begun to get the hang of it when they arrived on Alderaan, only to discover it had been destroyed by the Imperial Death Star. They were captured by the space hulk, hiding in the smuggling compartments on the Falcon. When the scanning crew came aboard, they killed them and disguised themselves as Imperial Stormtroopers. They got into one of the Death Star's computer rooms. Ben went to disable the tractor beam while the others waited in the computer room. R-2 hacked into the Death Star mainframe and discovered that Princess Leia was being held in one of detention levels. Luke convinced Han to help him get into the detention level. They rescued the Princess, but they were discovered and were engaged in a fire fight with a platoon of troopers, eventually escaping down a garbage chute. There, Luke was nearly killed by the trash monster, Dai Noga, and the trash compactor. After escaping that terror, he witnessed his mentor's demise at the hands of Obi-Wan Kenobi. After escaping, they met up with the Rebels at their base on Yavin 4. Luke and Han both flew in the Battle of Yavin, with Luke destroying the Death Star. Luke oversaw the evacuation of Yavin 4, since the Empire had discovered their location. Because of his abilities, he was awarded the rank of Commander. During a mission on Mimban, he and Leia confronted Vader, with the spirit of Obi-Wan possessing Luke during his and Vader's duel. Luke and pilot Keyan Farlander helped in the creation of the B-Wing starfighter while Rogue Squadron racked up win after win. Eventually Luke gave up his squad leadership to Wedge Antilles, a good friend and fellow Yavin veteran. The group settled on Hoth, a planet covered by snow and ice. During a scouting mission, Luke was attacked by a Wampa snow creature. He managed to escape from it's lair with his Jedi training. He stumbled through the snow for hours. During his stumbling, he saw the spirit of Obi-Wan, telling him he must continue his Jedi training with the Jedi Master Yoda on Dagobah. He was rescued by Han Solo and brought back to the Rebel base, where he healed up in time to fly in the Battle of Hoth, ending with the evacuation of Echo Base. Luke separated with the others and went to Dagobah to undergo heavy physical and mental training with Yoda. During a training session, he saw Leia and Han being tortured on the Cloud City on the planet Bespin. Yoda told him this was the future and despite Yoda's warnings, Skywalker left to save his friends. It was a trap. Solo had been incased in a slab of carbonite and Leia captured by Imperials. Luke and Vader got locked in a vicious lightsaber duel that started in the carbonite chamber and ended on a catwalk above a large gorge. Vader severed his saber-hand and tried to get him to join him to defeat the Emperor. When Luke refused to do so, Vader divulged some information: Obi-Wan had lied. Vader had not killed Luke's father, he was Luke's father. Faced with no alternative, Luke jumped and was sucked down a chute that dumped him at the bottom of the city, clinging to a weather vane. Leia, meanwhile had escaped with the administrator of Cloud City, a friend of Han's named Lando Calrissian. They were flying off with the Millenium Falcon, when Leia sensed Luke was in trouble and insisted Lando pick him up. They went to the Rebel's main fleet and got Luke the medical help he needed, the sick bay providing him with a bio-mechanical hand. He was swallowed by anguish at Vader's news and took many assignments to distract him from it. During these assignments, he often worked with his new found love, Shira Brie, an enigmatic X-Wing pilot. During an assignment, his targeting computer was knocked out and he used his ability with the force to tell him where to shoot. The Force told him to fire on a friendly ship, apparently killing Shira. Facing courtmarshall, he did some research and he discovered that she had been an Imperial double agent and was cleared of all charges. When Princess Leia was abducted by Prince Xizor, Skywalker was sent to rescue her. When Han was located, Luke, Leia, and Lando were sent to Tatooine. Luke went back to Ben's hut and found relics that taught him much about the Force, including a datapad on the construction of a lightsaber, which he made use of very soon, eager to replace his father's lost one. Luke entered Jabba's palace after Leia was captured unfreezing Solo from carbonite. Luke tried to bargain for Solo's life, but was thrown into Jabba's rancor pit. He managed to out wit the creature and was sentenced to death by consumption by the Sarlaac. Before the execution, he put his new lightsaber in a spring loaded compartment in R2-D2's dome, so that before he was put in, R2 shot his saber to him. With a weapon, they were able to kill Jabba and his henchmen and escape. Luke went back to Dagobah to complete his training with Yoda, but was too late and was able to exchange only a few words with him until he died. Afterwards he met Ben's spirit and confronted him about not telling him the truth about his father. Ben came clean, telling Luke he also had a twin sister, which Luke automatically deduced was Leia. He was with the Rebel crew that was sent down to Endor to disable the shield generator that protected the Death Star II. He used his Force Powers to win the trust of the local Ewoks and in their village, he told Leia about their relationship, leaving after telling her. Realizing that he had to face Vader, he surrendered and was brought to the Emperor's throne room, where the Emperor and Vader tried to turn him to the dark side. He and Vader dueled fiercely with the Emperor watching. He eventually quelled his anger and refused to fight his father. Vader baited him, saying that if he wouldn't join the dark side, maybe his sister would. Luke attacked him, severing his mechanical hand. Realizing how close he was to becoming his father, he put down his saber and announced to Emperor Palpatine that he had failed: Luke had become a Jedi. The Emperor, realizing that Luke was no longer of any use to him, attacked him with wave after wave of Force Lightning. Luke called out to Vader to help him, which he did, throwing the Emperor down the energy intake shaft, bringing himself back to the light. He pulled his dieing father back to the shuttle that had brought them up. As a final request, Vader asked Luke to take off his mask, so he could have a final conversation with his son, face to face. He told his son how proud he was of him before dieing. Luke took his body back to Endor where he was cremated during the Rebel's celebration over the Empire's defeat. During the celebration, the spirits of Yoda, Ben, and Anakin appeared to Luke and said their silent "Thank yous". A few weeks later, Luke was still recovering from Palpatine's Force Lightning, when he recieved a message from Ben's spirit: stop the Ssi-ruuk from invading Bakura. Luke lead a taskforce to Bakura that stopped the invasion, in the process, finding a Force sensitive young man named Dev Sibwarra, who died in the battle. After wards he trained an Iskalonian by the name of Kiro, who abandoned the Jedi teachings to lead his people. Luke vowed to spend more time on his Jedi studies, officially resigning from Rogue Squadron. However, the New Republic still needed his military prowess. Luke still commanded the  New Republic Navy, being promoted to General one year after the Battle of Endor. During Lord Shadowspawn's campain across the Inner Rim, Luke saw thousands of soldiers die. Convinced that a New Jedi Order was needed, he quit the military. He tried desparatly to find others he could instruct in the Force, though was turned down by the two most promising, Kyle Katarn and Corran Horn. But he soon discovered a large source of possible Jedi among the witch clans of Dathomir. During Admiral Thrawn's campaign, he also met Mara Jade, a former Imperial assassin, though she wasn't yet ready. 5 years after the Battle of Endor, Luke learned of a possible Jedi Master on Wayland. Upon arriving, he discovered the insane Sith clone Joruus C'Baoth. The Sith master taught him the ways of the dark side, but Luke was able to escape his hold. Angered by his defection, Joruus created a clone of Luke named Luuke Skywalker. With the help of Mara Jade, they were both defeated. When the reborn Emperor surfaced, he and Luke showed down on Byss. However, the Emperor managed to lure him to the dark side. Skywalker believed he could defeat the dark side from within, however, he was only sucked farther in. In the end, he had to rely on Leia and Jedi Empatojayos Brand to defeat the Emperor and bring him back to the light. After this encounter, he began instructing his sister in the ways of the Force, believing her to have very high potential. Luke realized that if he truly wanted to revive the Jedi Order, he would have to create an Academy. The Senate approved this request and while Leia scouted out a location, Luke searched for the first students. Han Solo found an extremely promising student named Kyp Durron in the spice mines of Kessel. However, when Kyp discovered the tomb of Exar Kun, a powerful Sith Lord, he fell to the dark side, attacking Luke. However, the other students were able to defeat Kun's spirit and Kyp was released from his hold. Luke's academy flourished, turning out many outstanding Jedi Knights, including his niece and nephews, Jaina, Jacen, and Anakin Solo. Eventually he was able to assign the apprentices to other masters. During this time, he began to fall in love with Mara Jade, although she was often away on New Republic missions. During this time, Luke still had time to carry out his own missions, such as dealing with the Second Imperium and the still surviving Black Sun. He was with Mara on one of these missions when they formed a sort of rapport. After the mission was complete, Luke proposed and they were married. With the Order now numbering over 100, Luke was petitioning to have the Jedi Council reformed when the Yuuzahn Vong attacked. The bizarre invaders seemed to be outside the Force and therefore, Luke had no power over them. It was a time when morale was incredibly low and unrest was at a high. Luke dealt with these while other Jedi combatted the Vong. In midst of the crisis, Mara gave birth to their first child, Ben Skywalker. When the Yuuzahn Vong took over the capital on Coruscant, Luke went to face their leader, Shimmra. He defeated him, but was infected by deadly poison from Shimmra's amphistaff. Using a technique discovered by Jacen Solo, Luke was able to destroy it and emerged stronger than ever, eager to rebuild the galaxy.


Appears in: Agents of Chaos II: Jedi Eclipse, A New Hope, A New Hope Novel, Balance Point, Champions of the Force, Children of the Jedi, The Courtship of Princess Leia, Classic Star Wars, Classic Star Wars: The Early Adventures, Dark Apprentice, Dark Empire, Dark Empire II, Dark Force Rising, Dark Horse Presents Annual, Dark Journey, Dark Saber, Dark Tide II: Ruin, Destiny's Way, Star Wars: The Essential Chronology, The Empire Strikes Back, Empire Strikes Back Radio Dramatization, Edge of Victory I: Conquest, Edge of Victory II: Rebirth, Enemy Lines I: Rebel Dreams, Enemy Lines II: Rebel Stand, The Final Prophecy, Force Commander, Force Heretic II: Refugee, Force Heretic I: Remnant, Force Heretic III: Reunion, The Farlander Papers, Heir to the Empire, Junior Jedi Knights: Vader's Fortress, Jedi Search, The Last Command, Star Wars: Marvel Series, The New Rebellion, Planet of Twilight, Return of the Jedi, Rogue Squadron, Star by Star, Splinter of the Mind's Eye, Shadows of the Empire, Specter of the Past, The Unifiying Force, Star Wars Union, Vader's Quest, Traitor, The Truce at Bakura, Vision of the Future, Vector Prime, X-Wing, Young Jedi Knights