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Funny Moments

Jonouchi: Maybe we could all Duel together sometime.

Kaiba: Oh please, I'd have more of a challenge playing solitare.


Jonouchi: (referring to a Duel between Ryuzaki Dinosaur and Haga Insector) Itsy-bitsy bugs versus Dueling dinosaurs, Ryuzaki has this one in the bag.


Gaurd: Hey what are you doing? Only official Duelists are allowed on board.

Jonouchi: Hey, how do you know I'm not official?

Guard: Because official Duelist aren't trying to sneak on board through the lower hatch.


Honda: (referring to Haga) He's fast for a small guy.

Anzu: Maybe you're just slow for a big guy.


Jonouchi: Why did you come to this tournament?
Mai: Why did I come here...? For all the comforts that I crave! Designer clothes, travel perks, anything to avoid real work! Hot cars, turbo charged for livin' large!


Honda: Don't worry guys, I've got it covered!
Others: Yeah?
Honda: Check it out, the Great Outdoor Survival Guide!
Jonouchi: Can we eat it?
Honda: Better than that, it lists all the plants, grasses, and berries we can eat!
Jonouchi: Do I look like a squirrel you big dufus!


Kajiki Ryouta: I am Kajiki Ryouta, Duelist extraordinare of the seven seas.

Jonouchi: Right, your that freaky fish guy.

Kajiki Ryouta: I am NOT a freaky fish guy!


Honda: (referring to Mokuba) I can handle him.

Anzu: I hope so, you're twice his size.


Yugi: If we all put our heads together I'm sure we can think of something.
Honda: Yeah but don't forget one of those heads belongs to Joey,that's sorta like subtracting one brain.
Jonouchi: Hahaha,very funny.


Computer: I thought I'd seen it all, but having to break into your own house?!

Kaiba: It's too long a story for right now.
Computer: Too long?! Well maybe I'm not in such a talkative mood myself.
Kaiba: I'd find that hard to believe.


Yu-Gi-Oh: (to the dark clown posing as Kaiba) I would call you a monster, but I don't want insult the cards.


Ryuzaki Dinosuar: (referring to Baby Dragon) You should never leave a baby unatended, and I'll show you why. Two-Headed King Rex... Attack.


Mai: (to Ryuzaki) Funny I thought I'd already knocked you on your Jurassic butt!
Ryuzaki: Think what you want, you're about to get stomped!
Mai: You think I'm gonna waste another minute on a peabrain like you? Beat it Dino-Breath! Shoo! Shoo!

Mai: (unenthusiastically) Wow, that was a real challenge. It ranks right up there with doing my nails.

Yugi: Look at this stuff, candy bars!
Jonouchi: Dibs on the candy bars.
Yugi: Potato chips!
Honda: Dibs on the chips.
Yugi: Canned fruit!
(No reply)
Yugi: Soda
Jonouchi: Dibs on the soda.

Yugi: I don't think you sould cook the candy bars, Joey.
Joey: Back off, I know what I'm doing!

Yugi: Wild mushrooms are poisonous, Jonouchi!
Mai: Then do us all a favor... and let him eat it!

Yu-Gi-Oh: Jonouchi listen to me, your soul has been trapped inside your favorite card. You've become the Flame Swordsman.
Jonouchi: I'm the WHO?

Jonouchi: Ahhhhh! A giant Bakura! Now i know I'm nuts. I'm like six inches tall, wearing a dress, about to attack my giant friend?
Yu-Gi-Oh: Thats not really Bakura, an evil spirit from his millenium ring has taken him over.
Jonouchi: Well I have no idea what you're talking about, but here I go...

Yu-Gi-Oh: In order for me to win this duel, restore you all back to your bodies, and get us out of the Shadow Realm I'm going to need your help.
Jonouchi: You want my help, you got my help.
Yu-Gi-Oh: Are you sure your OK?
Jonouchi: OK? I figure I've lost my mind but... I'm gonna go with it.

Anzu: What a weird dream...
Jonouchi: This is no dream, this is me goin' insane.

Yu-Gi-Oh: It's a Man-Eater Bug!
Anzu: Man-Eater Bug? Glad I'm a girl.

Jonouchi: Shush. Bakura and Yugi are big duelin giants and are fightin for our souls.
Anzu: But Yugi's right here.
Yugi: Yeah, well, the big guy's not really me, well he's not really not me....
Anzu: Huh?
Yugi: I know it sounds complicated, but it has something to do with the Millenium Items Bakura and I have. It's some kind of magic.
Anzu: Magic? So I'm not crazy.
Yugi: Not unless we're all going crazy.
Jonouchi: Just think of it this way, Anzu. There's two Yugis. The cool one up there, and the puny one down here.
Yugi: Urg, that's not how it works at all!


Kaiba: (to Jonouchi) Don't bother me! Go find an opponent you can actually beat, like an infant, or a monkey.


Kaiba: I have created the ultimate dueling device known to man!
Jonouchi: Looks like a normal briefcase to me.
Kaiba: It's in the briefcase you moron!


Jonouchi: It's your creepy face that gave me the willies!
Cygore: He's right about that Kotsuzuka! You even scare me and I'm on your side!


Jonouchi: I'm telling ya, somebody's stalkin us!
Honda: Were are you going?
Jonouchi: To stalk them!


Mei: You have entered...

Kyuu:...sacred grounds,
Mei: Where only duelists

Kyuu:...can be found.
Mei: Before you pass...

Kyuu:...across this chamber... must agree... face the danger.
Mei: So let the contest... begin...
Mei:...notify your next of kin.
Kyuu:...your trapped and the doors are all locked,
Both: You face the brothers Paradox!
Mei: Employed by Pegasus as eliminators,
Kyuu: To take all your star chip indicators.
Mei: Against us, one mere Duelist would be creamed...

Kyuu: So, you must Duel as a team.

Mei: And if by some crazy fluke you manage to win...
Kyuu:...why then a puzzling new test shall begin.
Mei: For over my shoulder you see a door and over my brothers you see... door more.
Mei: The test a choice...

Kyuu:...that you must make...


Kaiba:(to Pegasus) If you go back on your promise, I'll take great plesure in separating your soul from your body in my own way!

Anzu: Okay Mai! I'm playing the PETITE ANGEL, in attack mode!
(Little pink butterball with wings pops out and squeaks)
Jonouchi: WHAT is THAT?
Honda: C'mon Anzu! That is NOT funny!

Kaiba: Where's my brother?
Pegasus: What? No 'hello'? No 'how are you'? I thought we were friends Kaiba-boy. Don't tell me my kidnapping Mokuba and siezing control of your company has put a rip between us; it was nothing personal

Croquet: Before the finals, we have an exhibition match between Pegasus J. Crawford and Seto Kaiba. This will be a golden opportunity to learn his strategy.                                                                                                                                       Mai: So basically, this is going to intimidate us.
Croquet: Why would he do that?
Joey: Cuz he's a grade A nutcase.

Kaiba:(referring to Blue-Eyed Toon Dragon)'ve stripped him of his dignity!
Pegasus: Pulease...I've only transformed him into his most supreme, I've made him more cuddly!

Honda: I once spoke to a psychic, and she said I'd have a nice girlfriend within 6 months. It's been a year and not a single date.

(Bandit Keith picks up Jonouchi's card)
Jonouchi: HEY! Let go of that! (still dreaming) That's MY pizza...

Jonouchi: (dreaming) Gigantic donuts!

Jonouchi: Are you saying we should be more like you Mai? I guess I could try that. I'm gorgeous, I'm a great duelist, I love me! How's that?
Mai: You are such a twit.

Yugi: Don't insult my monster, it is an important step to my victory.
Mai: That little furball couldn't be an important step to anything, except for mabe choking a cat

Mai: Anzu told me about your sister Jonouchi. How your Duelling for her, so she can have that operation. Sounded like a bad soap opera to me, but then, who doesn't love a bad soap opera?

Mai: (referring to Kuriboh) Oh great, the attack of the giant, three-toed hairball.

Jonouchi: (to Bandit Keith) Oooohhhhh! The intercontinental champion. I can win a better prize then that in a box of cereal

Rebecca: Oooh, Yugi's being mean to me!
Yugi: I'm not being mean to you! I'm just playing the game!
Rebecca:Hear that teddy? Mean old Yugi's yelling at me!
Yugi: (Yelling) And I'm not yelling at you!

Anzu: Aren't you a little young to be a duel monsters champion?
Rebecca: I'm Eight
Jonouchi: Yeah,inches tall
Rebecca: What are you questioning my dueling credentials!
Jonouchi: Hey! Igot credentials too!I took second place at
Duelist Kingdom
Honda: That's true but on the other hand you probably can't spell 'credentials'.
Jonouchi: Watch it!

Honda: I know a game we can play to make the time go faster. It's called "Guess My Facial Hair."
Anzu: Ewww. I think I'll pass.

Jonouchi: Hey look, Mokuba. That fairy turned you into a girl.
Mokuba: Great. Can she make you smart?

Jonouchi: Uhh, this is your captain speaking. If you look to the left of our aircraft, you'll see that freaky floatin castle, some clouds... and an army of angry montsters waiting to devour us!

Isis: Before this tournament is over, you will have to face your past.
Kaiba: (smiles) Hm. You know, I read that once in a fortune cookie.

Yugi: Ready or not, Spirit, this is where you take over!
Yu-Gi-Oh:(yelling at Puzzle) Hey! Yugi! I- You- This isn't a duel! (See's Tea) hello.

Jonouchi: Why didn't that punk Kaiba invite me to his tournament?
Honda: Newsflash: Kaiba doesn't like you, Jonouchi.

Malik: The power of the pharaoh will be mine!
Yu-Gi-Oh: That won't happen.
Yugi: You tell him! No way will he get away with stealing your power!
Yu-Gi-Oh: I just did.
Yugi: Okay, then.

Yu-Gi-Oh: I can't attack!
Malik: You can- it just won't work.

Yu-Gi-Oh: Why don't you stop hiding behind your Mind Slaves, Malik!
Malik: I would...but having my own mind slaves just makes it more fun!

Kaiba: Yugi, do you expect me to believe in this magic garbage? I bet you still believe in the Tooth Fairy.

(During a Duel between Mai and a movie star whom she'll have to marry if she loses)Joey: Mai! You wouldn't happen to have a Harpy's Feather Duster in your hand, would you?
Mai: Don't you think I would have played it by now if I did?
Joey: In that case, what should I wear to your
Hollywood wedding?

Honda: (Thinking) I'll ask Sizuka if she wants to check out the romantic view with me.
Ootogi: (Pushes Tristan out of the way) 'Scuse me. Hey Sizuka, wanna check out the view?

Jonouchi: I can't believe Kaiba served up fancy chow like this and made it all you can eat! He's gonna be sorry by the time I'm through!

Rashid: You find me the rule that prevents me from playing trap cards and I will stop, Mr. Wheeler.

Kaiba: Just give it up, Katsuya
Jonouchi: Oh yeah! How would you like to give up some teeth!?

Jonouchi: Aw, man! The duel already started! I knew that we shouldn't of waited for Honda when he was in the bathroom!

Jonouchi: Man, that Kaiba sure has a heart of gold, eh?
Honda: Yeah, he's a real Mother Teresa

Honda:(referring to Kaiba) He sure is good with words. Very poetic, like a real-life Shakespere.
Jonouchi: Yeah? Well, I have a few words for him...but I can''t say them, there's a lady present.

Kaiba: Oh my God, I can't believe it, I'm surrounded by superstitious nitwits.


Kaiba: (to Isis) You made two mistakes in your plan. The first was giving me Obelisk The Tormentor, and the second was excpecting it back. That card is mine and I won't give it to anyone.


Yugi: Anzu, there was an entire broadway musical written about this card.

Anzu: Really?

Yugi: No, but this is your dream, so we're going to go with it.