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"Are those dice allowed on school grounds?" -Ms. Chono (Ms. Medusa)

On this site the answer is YES. As are magical trading cards, ancient magical artifacts, and 16-yeard olds who can skip school for days to go to card game tournaments.

4/25/04- Updates Added
Sorry about the away time, but I've been working on a huge update on the site. I've added more manga summaries and Bios, and have opened two brand-new sections; Analysis, where in  those that hope to find why a certain character acts the way they do, or what the heck "Yugi" means, can find some answers, and a card database, which will be updated frequently. Enjoy.
1/1/2004- Happy New Year!
10/29/03- Expansion News
It looks like the new expansion was released early, I picked up a pack while I was lookin around some shops.
10/19/2003- Gaming News
A new game called The Sacred Cards is coming out November 7th for Gameboy Advance. It will include at least 900 cards and 100 Duelists to face. Here's a link to the preview on Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh! site.
10/12/2003- Expansion News
 I've learned that the new expansion pack will be called Magician's Force and will include the long-awaited translation of the Dark Paladin. It will come out sometime next month, so keep your eyes peeled.

Which Yugioh Character Are You?

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