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Name Origins
  • Yugi- Yugi is Japanese for game, Moto means origin, making his full name Game Origin, probably in reference to the fact that his past life was part of the original Duel Monsters game.
  • Jonouchi- His first name is Katsuya, Katsu means win,and Ya means means arrow.
  • Seto Kaiba- Seto is similar to Sento, which means battle.

Behavior Analysis
  • Pegasus's sitting position indicates that he knows he's better than everyone else and is relaxed with the knowledge that he's superior to them.
  • The reason Pegasus reads comics and plays TCGs is explained by the fact that he never had a real childhood, because he always had to go to his parents big expensive parties. There for, he has developed depraved childhood syndrome.

Seto Kaiba-

  • The reason Seto is so cold-hearted is that because his adopted father, Gozibura, hated the fact that Seto wanted to make Kaiba Corp. into a game company, rather than keep it a war machine company and took Seto's and Mokuba's toys away, in hopes Seto would change his mind. Now that he's able to duel, he is mad at his opponents, since they were able to duel from the start, wheras he had to wait until his stepfather's death. He may also have the depraved childhood syndrome.