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Duel #6: Into the Fire


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The class is trying to decide what to do for the school festival. Jonouchi suggests a girl cabaret. Hansaki suggests gag manga. Anzu asks Yugi, and he says carnival games. Everyone else likes it and they get to work. A few days later everyone is setting up they're booths. Yugi and Jonouchi are setting up for one of the games, Bluebeard's Attack. Yugi is making a paper machete pirate mask and Jonouchi is fixing up a wine barrel for it. He wonders who'll end up being the pirate and Anzu suggests Jonouchi should do it. Then, Goro (Kreiger) shows up and tells them to beat it because this is where they make Hiroshima style pancakes every year. Anzu says they won that spot in the school drawing. Goro forces them out by threatening to break down their booth with their griddle. Yugi jumps in the way, but its useless and he wakes up in the school infirmary. Anzu says they'll have to try next year. Yu-Gi-Oh takes over and jumps out of bed. Yu-Gi-Oh meets Goro outside and challenges him to a shadow game. The game will be similar to air hockey, except the griddle will serve as the table, and the puck is a block of ice with a vial of explosives. Who ever hits it when it explodes loses. The game starts and Goro seems to have the upper hand, and Yu-Gi-Oh is worried. When the puck reaches his end, he carves a nick in the ice, so that when Goro hits it, it splits in half and loses. Yugi's class pulls an all-nighter and manages to put the booth back together, which is a big hit.