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Duel # 7: The Face of Truth


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Yugi, Jonouchi, and Honda are walking out of school, and Jonouchi says he wants to ask him something, but Honda doesn't want him to, because he thinks that Yugi'll tell everyone. Yugi says he won't tell. Jonouchi says that Honda is in love with Miho Nosaka, the student librarian who is famous for always wearing a yellow ribbon, Earning her the nickname Ribbon. Jonouchi asks if Yugi's family's shop might have something Honda could give to her as a present. when they get to the shop, Sugoroku shows them a blank puzzle, all Honda has to do is write a love letter on it, break it up and send it to Ribbon. Honda can't think of what to write, so he makes Yugi write it. The next day at school, they slip it into her desk. Meanwhile, Ms. Chono (Ms. Medusa) is walking down the hall while the Vice Principal is blushing. She goes into the bathroom and smashes the mirror and starts getting upset because she got dumped by her boyfriend. She eventually calms down and gets to class. To blow off some steam, she orders an inspection, since she delights in finding illegal items such as cigarettes, lipstick, and condoms. She finds the present in Ribbon's desk. She manages to peice together the puzzle, except for who its from. Since underage dating is against school rules, she says she'll expell whoever wrote it, unless they confess, then they MIGHT let them off. Honda, Yugi, and Jonouchi all stand up. She says she'll complete the puzzle. Yu-Gi-Oh takes over and casts a spell so that once she finishes it, her make-up falls off in the shapes of puzzle peices, underneath it she looks really ugly and runs away out of embarassment. Afterwards, Honda asks her straight out, and she rejects him, and they walk away to get some burgers.