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Duel #11: The Wild Gang (Part One)


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The story starts with Yugi walking in to school and noticing Jonouchi (Joey) is absent which, according to Honda (Tristan) has never happened before. The are all clueless about were he is, so Honda suggests they go to Jonouchi apartment after school. Anzu (Tea) says she has the day off, so she'll come with. When they get there, they open the door and are nearly knocked out by a bottle of beer. Jonouchi's dad thinks they're Jonouchi and he asks where he's been for the last two days. They check all of Jonouchi's usual hangouts and don't find him. But in the last hangout, they spot a gang beating up somone becuasehe stepped on one of the member's feet. Honda notices that all except one are wearing Rintama's school uniform. The one who isn't is wearing a Domino High uniform (Guess who it is) if you said Jonouchi, you're right. Yugi asks what Jonouchi is doing with them and one of them asks if Jonouchi knows Yugi, an Joouchi asks lies and says he doesn't. Another says Jonouchi is too nice and asks if kids at Domino high follow him around like that. Honda recognizes this one as the leader, Hirutani. The first one says Yugi's getting on his nerves, beats him up, and walks away. Honda tells him that Jonouchi was in their gang in Middle School, where he had such a bad record that he was almost sent to jail. Honda says now he and Jonouchi are friends but he doesn't think Jonouchi is coming back. Yugi says he thinks he will, so they head for the gang's hangout. When a thug comes out to get Hirutani some of his weird foriegn cigarettes, Honda grabs him and asks why Jonouchi is hanging out with them. Inside the hangout they're all talking about how awesome their gang will be now that Jonouchi is back. Jonouchi rage is building since one of the thugs beat up Yugi and the dam finally breaks and he beats the thug in the face. Hirutani gets mad and orders the gang to teach him a lesson. Then Yugi, Honda, and Anzu come in to save the day.
To be continued...