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Domino High: The High Pharoah Tom "Voldemort" Riddle's Yu-Gi-Oh! Fansite
Duel #13: The Man From Egypt (Part One)


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The story opens on Yugi's classroom where he's telling Anzu, Honda, and Jonouchi about an Egyptian Pharoah's tomb that was discovered recently and how he read in the newspaper that the artifacts will be at the Domino Museum and says they can get in for free because his Grandpa is friends with the one who discovered it, Professor Yoshimori. The next day they are all at the museum, where they meet up with Professor Yoshimori, who introduces them to Kanekura (Adriel Wanewright), the curator of the museum and the one who financed the excavation. He spots the Millenium Puzzle around Yugi's neck and begs him to let the museum display it for the day. He begs and begs until Yugi finally agrees. We shift scenes to the domino city airport where a plane lands and a dark mysterious man, wearing white robes and turban and carrying a set of gold scales gets off. Back at the museum, Jonouchi asks Yoshimori if whoever discovered the artifacts got to keep them. He explains that until 1921 you could keep half of what you discovered. Howard Cartier, the man who discovered Tutankhamen's tomb didn't get any of the artifacts he found. Kanekura announces he's going to put the puzzle on display. Yoshimori says he knows Yugi didn't want to loan it to him. Yugi says it's okay since its only for one day. Anzu is looking at a stone tablet that has a depiction of the weighing of the heart ceremony (this is an actual tablet, I've seen pictures of it). Yoshimori says explains that the Egyptian belived that after death, the dead man's heart would be placed on a scale, where the owner's deeds in life would be weighed against a feather, if it was lighter, the person would go to the afterlife, if it was heavier they would be eaten by Ammit the Devourer, a monster with the head of a crocodile, the torso of a lion and the hindquarters of a hippopotamus. They move on to display of the mummy. Everyone except Yugi, who is looking at the mummy, is trying to reasure Jonouchi that he won't be cursed by the mummy. Yugi notices their is someone else looking at the mummy. Its the dark man from the airport and he's crying. When Yugi asks why, he says he's crying because the pharoah is denied eternal sleep by being put in a museum (in a much more cryptic way). The man walks away and Jonouchi tells Yugi they found the display with Yugi's puzzle in it, where Kanekura is talking to a man about selling it. They walk away and Yugi and his friends start taking pictures in front of the case. Afterwards they walk out of the museum and Yugi remember he has to get his Millenium Puzzle back, so he waits outside the museum for Kanekura. At Kanekura's office, Kanekura is waiting for the man he was talking to. When the man gets there, the Egyptian man knocks him out and barges in. He says that because of him, the Valley of the Kings was defiled, and he must go on trial. Kanekura thinks their from the Egyptian Government, trying to arrest him for selling artifacts on the black market. This makes the man angry, and says he must face the final judgement from the 125th chapter from the Book of the Dead. He puts the Millenium Scale on Kanekura's desk and places The Feather of Truth on one side and says he'll ask the curator several questions, with each lie he tells the other side will go down, if it touches the desk, Kanekura will be consumed by Ammit. The man asks Kanekura: A young girl falls into a well. You are the only one to see it happen. However, at your feet lies the golden ring the girl was wearing. What do you do? Kanekura says he'd save the little girl and the scale moves down. Kanekura says he was telling the truth. Outside, Yugi is waiting for the museum to close and rushes in to get the puzzle. Meanwhile, the scale is down even more. Before the final question, the man makes the chair Kanekura is sitting in turns into Ammit. The man asks the final question: Have you defiled the territory of the gods and sold their treasure to fatten your own pockets? Kanekura asks him to stop, and he'll pay whatever the man wants. This makes the empty side of the scale touch the desk and Ammit kills him. The man finds the Millenium Puzzle on the desk and wonders who in Japan cold have finished it. Yugi is rushing down the halls trying to find the puzzle, when he runs into the man. He asks him if he's seen Kanekura because he's supposed to give Yugi his puzzle back. The man is taken aback and uses his Millenium Key to unlock Yugi's mind. In his mind, their are two rooms, the first's door is open and is full of toys, but the second has a closed door, and is surronded by darkness. He stands infront of it and the door opens, and Yu-Gi-Oh is inside and tells him to enter if he dares.